Referring to a 40+ yrs person : Li zen ta!

I always failed to understand the logic behind the use of the word “zen”(young) by people around me. Just like this evening, I frequently hear things like :

Person A : Ki l’age li ena?

Person B :46ans

Person A:  B li zen ta!

Yashvin : Ta! Mari vieux sa! *facepalm*

Personally, once someone goes over the age of 35yrs old, I stop tagging the latter with the word “young”. They should not probably be called “old” neither but one thing for sure, they aren’t that “young”, not anymore. Just middle-aged. And if that person reaches his/her 60 candles, I guess that he enters the “old” category. That’s life.

At what age do you stop considering someone as “young”?


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  1. I suppose there is a difference between age and mentality. You can be 60+ and still be dynamic. Then again you can be termed young and be a boring fart. We also hear that 60+ is termed as elderly or pensioner but you can be as young as you like in attitude. Yesterday a computer business was surprised that I am a PC gamer in my advanced age bracket. Well I am not the type of guy to join an old folks association and dance to music from 1945, so I do not consider myself in the “old” category. Age is a reality but not an exclusion zone.


  2. Uh oh, by Yashvin’s standards, I’ll no longer be YOUNG in less than a year… Nice…

    But in my mind, I’m always 9 years old: I want to take my bike to go fishing / play kite / gaze at clouds and come back only when there’s nothing else to do…


  3. Watch a person’s behavior and entourage. If his peers and himself are dynamic they may be above 30 years but they have a young lifestyle. Hehehe.


  4. 18 – sex! sex! sex!
    20 – better sex!
    25 – boring, too much time spent at work, possible herpes
    27 – cool and has money to spend on booze every night. partaay!!!30 – you are old! go f yourself!
    35 – ewww! so old! look at the wrinkly balls! ewww
    40 – you are too old, boring, gassy, and uncool. you use old expressions and are unhip.

    45 to 58 – sexy again

    59 and above – trop vieux!


  5. “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” Henry Ford.

    Old or young, its all in our head…


  6. Just remember, there is always a child wanting to enjoy inside an adult… it is just the ego of grown ups that keep oppressing that child.


  7. Different people have their own perspective on “youth”. Personally I don’t judge someone as young or old by considering only the age of the person as there are other factors that Mike mentioned that can influence my judgement on whether someone is a youth or not. But in all countries, there is an age limit set for someone to be considered a youth and for Mauritius (National Youth Policy) a youth is someone between 14-29 years old. And despite this is what the policy says, I don’t think I will be considered as old once am 30 🙂


  8. People less than 50 are kinda young for me. After 50, they are ‘mature.’ Don’t forget that the person who will live up to 150years old has already been born


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