Pharmacy board vs University of Mauritius

To sum up the recent happenings, The University of Mauritius advertised a Bachelor of Pharmarcy (BPharm) course 4 years ago and a few weeks before the end of the first batch’s course, the Pharmacy Board of Mauritius announced that they do not approve or recognize such course by the University. Some years back, the board rejected the university’s demand to hold such a course. Some of the reasons brought forward at that time and even today are the lack of qualified lecturers, the contents of the course modules and the lack of adequate infrastructure on the campus.

On top of that, I find that the University has been showing a “fer-foute” behavior. I just heard that the Vice-Chancellor said that he was not aware if the Pharmacy Board rejected their application. WTF?

One graduate per family

The whole blame cannot solely be put on the University, at least, not on the other courses taught on the campus. “One graduate per family” has been the aim of the government but however, nothing is said about the future of those thousands of unemployed graduates in the island.

Consequences :

  • Students with lower grades are allowed to pursue an undergraduate programmes.
  • A few courses taught here have no big prospects on the local market
  • Since a few years back, the campus is like a “bazaar”. The campus is no more the same what I have known.
  • Some courses were held at other locations due to the lack of rooms on the campus. (Is it still the same today???)

As a graduate of the University of Mauritius, I deeply sympathize with those students who are supposed to graduate with that BPharm degree soon. I can try to understand their state of mind as well as that of their parents right now.

Be strong. Hope that a solution will be found soon.

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  1. The authorities should stop playing with young people’s future. A revision should be made of the country’s requirements and whether graduates can be employed. In some countries quotas are applied in universities for certain areas like medicine. This is done in periods where there are few employment vacancies for particular jobs. The concept of one graduate per family is silly. A country needs various skilled people in various trades. Already we see a flux of lawyers here, for such a small country how many lawyers do you need per head of capita? The Bpharm incident is just incompetence where the victim is the student and you wonder why they aspire to leave the country?


  2. In other words do they mean that “Its after completing a 4 year University Course, that Pharmacy Board says their Degree is invalid”?

    See what happens when you work with some people who are incompetent Also what happens when there is no sharing of information and ideas. University is a place for sharing of knowledge .. so don’t fool students or screw up their future.

    Before launching this course, the UOM should have gathered all the concerned people ( Ministry of health, Pharmacy board, lecturers, Ministry of Education etc.. ) before starting the course.

    Definitely its been done in a rush, but so far the pharmacy board should have pointed this out WELL BEFORE ( if they did shut up in the beginning… then they should continue doing it… ).

    Whatever it be now, i think that they should continue with the course and all the concerned institutions come up with a well structured course content for next batch.

    ” les incompetants se prennent pour les plus malins, et les etudiants passent pour des cons. Mais.. où elle est l’avenir ??? “


  3. I wonder what they want to achieve and what they want to prove by having more graduates. First, a higher number of graduates in a country does not mean that the nation’s quality of life and living standards are better. The system is supposed to be elitist with the best going on higher education because they merit to do so. Nowadays, everybody is going to universities even with mediocre grades. The level of universities decreases with such policies and high achievers are discouraged in such systems.

    Moreover, university education is not the most important thing that can happen to young people. Our brothers, sisters and children have no use of such education if they cannot get a job with it. Proper planning is important but our policy leaders just implement a policy while being evasive on the outcome of such policies. They cannot tell with absolute certainty what will happen to those graduates and they cannot make sure that jobs will be created for all these mellow fellows.

    A man dreams of an utopia but the reasonable man tries his best to make sure that the right things are done to achieve that utopia for humanity. Among the two I prefer the reasonable man. Where are the reasonable men in Mauritius?



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