Are you a noob in car mechanics too?

I love driving. In fact, some time back, I just took the car out and drove with no specific destination in mind. Fortunately, Mauritius is small and surrounded by sea.

I can drive, change gears, get the car cleaned, change tyres or check the oil and water levels but whenever the car breaks down, all that I can do, is to call my mechanic to ask advice.

As far as possible, I try to pretend I’m understanding what he says, but I quickly get lost when he speaks out his jargon. I’m lucky that my car mechanic is not a swindler (charlatant) unlike some other people.

Are you a n00b in car mechanics too? Anyone in for a “Car mechanics for dummies” session?

Have a nice weekend!


8 thoughts on “Are you a noob in car mechanics too?

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  1. Haha Yash, I had a good laugh and “TVR” when I saw your picture as a mechanician. LOL!! x’P
    You seem to be very concentrated and a professional in the field though, as your face’s expression in the picture says it all. 😀
    To be honest, I have always seen you on computer or gadgets stuff (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) and it’s really cool when you see the same people in some other (uncommon) unexpected scenes. I’m really astonished!! 😛

    It was really a “pa ti atan” to see you, a computer software engineer as a car engineer. Maybe you can write some PHP codes to run the car engine efficiently with less waste of bandwidth(fuel). And maybe be running on YashOS, who knows. lol 😛


  2. I can drive, change gears, get the car cleaned, change tyres or check the oil, brake fluid and water levels. And if you keep/treat your car correctly, it won’t break down on you.:)


  3. Car Mechanics when look from the top seems to simple.. but often when analysing its is very complex just like our human body. Buts its good to know your car mechanics. it can be useful at times.


  4. Knowing about mechanic is definitely gonna help you ( Enfin.. to pas pou apran tanque perna difé embas toi ). I didn’t have a car 3 years ago. But now i can do my servicing on my own. A servicing costs me rs 500. But my problem was not the money but the time. I have to leave the car in the morning, take bus to work, take bus to fetch car then take car home ( if the mechanic has at least started working on it ). Most of the time ther’s a queue and you have to wait.

    So guys, if u want to learn, then watch what the mechanic is doing and learn to do it on your own ( li pas difficile, zis to pares impé ). You’ll definitly make mistakes or no proper tools, but learn to manage. Once your good at it, you’ll be able to do it whenever you have time ( weekends ).

    So for servicing
    1. Engine oil, there’s a bolt just underneath the engine. Remove it then drain the oil out. Once all oil has been drained, put bolt back to its place.

    2. Change spark plugs. The tool u need costs rs 125 @ pkl. You have 2 types which are normal and the other one is irridium ( irridium is real expensive but real efficient and lasts longer and saves you money on gas ). I don’t check if they can be used again ( coz i don’t know how to do it actually ), so i replace all of them by new ones.

    3. Changing oil filter might be a bit harder as its difficult to grip it well ( its usually oily ) but still, its not a mountain to climb. You have tools for it costing like rs 200 but i use a worn out T-Shirt for it.

    4. Fill the engine with new oil.

    Briefly, that’s it. It takes me like 1 or 2 hours to do it. But at my own pace and when i have time at home. You still have other things like brake pads and so on. But i advise you to go to the mechanic for the rest. I visit my mechanic at most 4 times yearly for 15 mins.

    Servicing in different cars brands will be more likely the same ( this was criteria for purchasing my car ) .

    Last advice, b careful and always have someone around to help you.


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