Jeunes Mauriciennes en chaleur

No longer than a few days ago, the country escaped a racial conflict due to a Facebook comment. And today, I woke up with the sight of unrated pictures of innoncent young girls on a public Facebook page. They sure had uploaded their personal pictures onto their respective profiles but someone had meticulously hand picked them before regrouping all of them under one page, which he named “Jeunes Mauricienne en chaleur”.

I don’t know how true it can be but someone posted the name of Bhavish R. as the one behind this immoral act. Unfortunately, he became famous overnight while angry Mauritians threatened to even kill him.

WTF? To all those 892 people who liked and commented on the pictures, get a life! I don’t think that you would have done the same if the boobs or ass of your sister or fiance were publicly displayed without their consent.

Actions taken

Thanks that the page was removed during the day. I simply can’t imagine the panic besides the story. First of all, those who found their bikini pictures publicly available on Facebook, and secondly, the guy who realised that the police will bring him down shortly.

There’s another thing which is troubling me right now : Earlier this morning, I shared links to the said group (above screenshot) and to the picture blaming the guy Bhavish R. However, none of these shared links are to be found at this moment. Facebook most probably removed all of them automatically upon deletion of that page. Strangely, defimedia also removed the screenshot of the page from their site. As far as I know, I am neither distributing nor publishing the pictures on my blog here.

A last thing : All those Facebook related stories are making elders go paranoia. They are constantly blaming Facebook and as well, we, the users. These days, their most common pharse are :

Mais ki zotte gagner met tout zistoire lo sa facebook?


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  1. you put your pictures on a public site and hope that it will never get accessed or spread… either some are stupid naive or have a “hidden agenda”.

    Facebook has always been about soft voyeurism anyway, since the very beginning: “Facemash”


    1. The root of the problem is a lack of common sense from many Facebook users. I wish Facebook would force new users to watch a “keep safe” tutorial when they sign up to the website.


  2. There was a debate and people phoning in on R1 today. Some girls complaining that they have been trapped in a bikini photo competition? There has to be some naive girls who sent their personal photos. I heard a lot of angry parents too some have filed a police complaint. Things are getting out of hand in the country, too much negativity. Time to clean up the bad reputation.


    1. Mike teens are much more smarter these days dont you think they are naive …. they know that world looks at their pictures. and all sorts of people comment . I have a real good story about a 13 year old updating pictures on her profile and a person passes a comment about her private parts and she likes the comment . Not all these teens are guilty to make my point but they arent innocent either ……. Imagine what the world is come up to when teens can participate in a bikini photo competition indeed they are independent to do so but without any information on who is the manager who are the people and the safety of their pictures and private information believe me everything is sold out ….. from your social security number to your credit card number to your address and your current location your pictures …… Government cannot protect you as they have no legal framework and no expertise to do so, the private corporation will not as they want to make money and they have been caught selling private information in the past, the cops wait for someone to complain and boy they are indeed doing a great job arent they ?, touts look for an opportunity to con you well the only person who can save your self and your family is you and no one else. no wonders people like Alex Jones and Gerald celente in the US have been waking up a lot of the sheeple to know what the real plan is …….. and these debates are just an eye wash any form of debate is on the news channels and radio dont they have evil things to debate about every week they find it … How come ? The cops know who sells the dope ! they are all history sheeters , they know who are financing the trade and laundering the money indeed the banks.. even in the US JP morgan Chase bank has confessed to laundering dope money its no secret the banks do it .. Isnt Mauritius the Cayman Islands of Asia .. Any illegal business transaction or government money stolen from South Asian countries has always been laundered to Mauritius. No secret hundreds of articles in the south asian newspapers speacially India, Pakistan Sri Lanka and other well are the banksters arrested or any heads roll NO THEY DONT .Every other week some or the other obscene issues pop up … sometimes a murder then a racial abuse then a rape ,then drugs then something else this thing is on a full circle never stops…. A crime free society is not what they want its what we want… They want us to read the newspaper lock the doors watch some reality television eat a lot of GMO food.. drink a lot of coke ..go work in the urban slave enviornment, have fear in our hearts for everyone and no independence to speak and express, look at cops on the road at all times stoping you at check points get scared of them , pay your taxes, come home from work sit in that little hole we call home , wake up in the night when you hear crazy criminal elements on the road waiting for a prey, pray to god its not your turn to be abused and be headlines in the news paper and sleep wake up… and the same stuff….Naivity is in ignoring these facts that we are at the beginning of the human value degradation and hope we are not naive enough …..


  3. remember my mates we need to first understand that whatever we upload on the internet is not our property and we have no rights technically be it my picture with clothes and naked…… could you read the facebook terms and conditions there are few lines that educate you about it.. some of my own friends male / female on facebook update seriously obscene pictures on facebook they donot know what could those pictures be used for and if you try educating them they act as if they are naive…. well believe me they are not naive they think being famous for the wrong reasons is good. The first thing we need to learn is the cultural degradation began long time ago when songs in the local language began to have obscenity no one objected to it and we were busy dancing to it now after a few years when you pose with your swimsuit on yourself your sexy on facebook 20 people like the picture and 100 s of them comment and view them they feel happy that they have the attention and say merci with 2 hearts after it …… what else god knows friends those pictures are copied on to someones disk and updated on a semiporn blog or a dating site for psychos and drunks…. well hey it doesnt matter to these teenagers they think its excessively cool … isnt it … we cannot do anything about it …. the milk is spilt so please dont give them any sermons let them demonise themselves and fall pray but hope the garbage doesnt spill into your own houses please…. Well im scared of writing on a blog these days … with the clamp down on the freedom of expression and speech …. i dont call them freedoms they are privileges that can be snatched depending on situations …….so please dont educate children all the lies about civic law and freedom….. thats a lie… and please add more flouride in the water and the toothpaste so that sheeps and trolls can stay in the herd…..


  4. I guess it was better when Facebook was restricted to people over 18yrs in the beginning.

    Maybe we have all forgotten the purpose of a social network. It is not meant to display naked body as if you are putting yourself on sale… Coumadire ene mannequin dans vitrine la boutik!

    Acause certaines bannes choses ene social network in degrader nette.

    Maybe we are forgetting today that even little kids are having access to facebook. No just imagine what will they understand when they see people kissing like that or half naked bodies??? :S

    As a parent what will you reply to your kid when he asks you about it?


  5. Sa meme ariver quan upload photo pou ban competition banal comment Miss August bikini, ect. Aila, continue upload photo pou tou kaliter competition encore.


  6. I think there is a lack in our education system. For example girls over here can’t make the difference between dressing as sexy or as a prostitute (I have nothing against them)… Somewhere this is why a certain cultural value is important…

    But posting pics of yourself in bikini, well either you are completely stupid or you know what you are doing… What you post is what people will see…the entire world…

    Law and order, values etc are just mere fantasy words in Mauritius…com dab, c un plaisir :p


  7. I guess everyone knows zat Fb is a social netwrk with all KINDA PEEPS. Some people need to know that whatever they make accessible for their friends and “friends” (unknown peeps in frndlist) to see, is their own responsibility as well as everything else on their profile. So when u put obscene or whatever kinda stuffs with u half naked etc, u shud be expecting these kinda things to happen. May it be a crime to steal pictures of someone but if u cudve put decent pics of urs, then i dnt know what cud incite these mentally affected peeps to steal them and use it in a filthy way. I went thru that page and also seen the pics. You want peeps to respect u when u allow urself to upload these lewd pics? These pics might hv been taken at the seaside with ur bikini…but whats at the seaside remains at the seaside, why exposing urself in bikini or in any delicate poses on a social netwrk? Either u want praises and likes or ure really “innocent”, GENERALLY TALKING!!! Know that whatever u do on fb reflects how others perceive u. If uve got a wrong approach of reflecting ur image then dont come complaining…


  8. Calling them innocent young girl… b*llshit!! first they should not have even put those kind of photos on fb.. thats either dumb or completely retarded!! not saying that the one who did this is a saint, but yeah that’s one nice lesson to those silly girls


    1. Mistakes do happen and i don’t think we should be harsh on these girls, they’re just kids they don’t reason like adults (go read on teenage brain and adult brain)..just imagine what they r going thru if their parents complained on the wouldn’t like it if anyone called u a slut or another insult just because of what u’re wearing..the internet should be equally safe for both boys and girls..women shouldn’t feel limited compared to men on the net, authorities have to make sure of a woman i want to be able to upload a pic of myself in bikini without being insulted, just bcoz i like being pretty and flaunt it doesnt mean im a slut..i find ur comment quite devoid of compassion and coming from a woman herself that’s surprising and really disappointing..attitudes have to change and it seems it’s got to start with women themselves..shame


  9. The girls are the ones to be blamed.They should have known that there are all types of crazy people on the internet!Arent they sensible enough to know what kind of things they shouldnt post on Facebook??


  10. I think these girls are not as innocent as they try to make us think they are. Seriously, what do you think they try to achieve by putting on their photos in bikini on facebook, sinon l’intEret des mecs?


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