How many Mauritians actually know how to swim?

We might be surrounded by sea and our island is popular for having the most beautiful white-sanded beaches but yet, it is a fact that a large majority of Mauritians do not know how to swim. Laying on the seaside while waiting for waves hit you is not called swimming. (Brice de Nice comes into my mind.)

Nor sitting on plastic chairs into the water.

It is even more surprising to know that many Mauritians rarely enjoy the wonderful beaches round the island, sometimes for fear of being tanned or for some other reasons. New Year or a birthday gathering held at the beach being the only occasions during which they actually spend some time under the filaos.

Tourists spend large amount of money and travel from far to enjoy our beaches while all of us are at most 1 hour to the nearest beach (bus travel from anywhere around the island).  It’s never too late to learn swimming. It is fun, exciting and good for health!

I don’t know about you, but I love swimming. Once I free up myself during weekends, I will be back regularly to the beaches. Most probably, I will be going to the beach this evening 🙂

Looking for honest people. Please raise your hands if you do not know how to swim?

And who among you can tell us why you don’t like to spend time along our beaches?

16 thoughts on “How many Mauritians actually know how to swim?

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  1. Lol tons of Mauritians can’t swim, tons of e.g in my own family 😛 Oh and one of my pet peeves are people who don’t want to go to the beach because they don’t want to get “tanned”. What exactly is wrong with getting tanned? Is dark skin really that ugly? urg I’m rambling on but watevs!


  2. In my “younger” days I loved to swim in Pereybere, it was a quiet spot in those days. Trou aux Biches was another favourite. I was obliged to learn to swim in training I had to do 4 lengths of an olympic pool to qualify. Also had to do swimming fully clothed for rescue training. That was a long time ago. These days I am not much of a beach person but I prefer the inland nature of the island. I still seriously keep up one exercise which consists of and upward and downward motion of the arm with a pint glass in the hand!


  3. I am a bit scared of the sea… The huge ocean filled with sooo many mysteries…
    Mne déjà gagne piqué ek oursin enfin ene tiguit…
    But hearing things about Laff or Jelly Fish makes me even more reluctant to swim in the sea. Even if my feet touches an algae or coral or I see a rock inside the water I prefer avoid it…


  4. There are people who love to go swimming in the lagoon, enjoying the scenery and the life under them, but who feel sometimes that their life is at risk with all the motor boats criss-crossing the place.


  5. Mwa depuis mo tipti mo ti p nazer ect plonger dan la riviere asterla faudrai ene dimoue ki kner vraiment kouma nazer ect plonger gaiter kouma mo fer lerla dire mwa si oui ou non mo kner.


  6. live near the beach too, doesn’t know how to swim properly, can manage to swim, but as soon as i stop and realise its deep, i start drowning. in fact im afraid when its too deep. what creature lives in the Abyss :S


  7. well well. I know how to swim but I prefer scuba to swimming and High Intensity Intervals to burn calories.


  8. Most mauritians DO NOT know how to swim, and its quite shameful that a lot of foreigners point this out that its weird that we live on an island but many of us do not know how to swim!


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