How frequently do you shave?

Years earlier, when I so longed to have my first shave, my dad warned me that once I have the first shave, I will need to shave regularly. But at that time, I just did not care because the most important thing was to – Shave like a man!

As time flew, holding the razor and the shaving cream in front of a mirror became more a daily hassle. Trimming your beard (and mustache)  is not really a moment of pleasure unless you decide to grow a french cut beard (or any other style). However, some workplaces require a well-trimmed beard and hair and in these cases, you do not have really the choice, especially if you deal directly with customers.

As for me, I shave my beard every two working days and rarely shave during weekends or holidays. Exceptionally, when there’s a long weekend, I grab the opportunity to grow the beard so that I can have a french cut at the resume of work (and Dhaneesha actually hates it!).

 What about you?
This post is mainly targeted to the males comrades but females are the most welcomed to participate too.

Guess where

Before ending, let me remind you that the answers to this month’s edition of “Guess Where? will be announced later tonight, or perhaps early tomorrow.

For those who missed the tips :

  • Pic#1 : Somewhere in Port Louis
  • Pic#2 : Along the north-north-west coast
  • Pic#3 : You need to go there regularly.

Post answers here and good luck!

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  1. Shave? Euh. . I don’t. Well, I’m too lazy to shave.

    If I had to shave(for reasons such as going to job), I would had to shave EVERY 2 days!


  2. Well, I prefer when Michel lets it grow…If not he has to shave every two days…  As for me, well, arms: no, legs: if am going to meet a client n will wear a skirt or dress, if not it’s almost does not grow that much…

    Girls have lil mustache too, well not that hairy like men, but we don’t like the lil tiny ones…i use a special lil machine which trims it, but that;s only when am going to meet clients…  if not i simply don’t care…

    And yeah, armpits and bikini shave, well…only if it becomes too ‘bushy’…lol!!! 🙂  first girl to comment 🙂


  3. I can’t stand my beards seriously for not more than 5 days. Sometimes I can’t even sleep because of that! Usually I try to shave every 5 days and it’s very rare that I let it grow (I used to in the past but that was just me experiementing), that too for at most 7 days.

    To ensure your beards do not grow fast, especially applicable to those who have coarse beards (like we say in creole ‘gros grain’ – that’s an inherited genetic thing though), you need to shave not against (i.e.from bottom to up) but rather downwards the direction.

    You will see then, the sproutings will surprisingly delay as compared to its usual appearance.

    @yashvinawootar:disqus : You should talk also about what’s the recommended and most conducive razor blade to employ that’ll help to maintain oneself of a fresh face as well as one that doesn’t hurt the skin.  You also need to ask the readers what’s the recommended shaving cream, after shave and facial cream that one should be using. Because you see, the face plays such a pivotal role in the society 🙂

    I personally use a Gillette Mac 3 (3 blades, the blades are exchangeable) but that’s like when you really need to be *chic* like going out to a formal place with formal people. Otherwise, my every 5 day shave is achieved through a normal Gillette BIC (The blue one). I at most get to use it 3-4 times. Sometimes it can be used for like 8 tries (within an interval of 7 days).

    I never mix using the razor blade that I use to shave my face with the one that I use to clean the pubic ones. I dislike shaving there and would do so only when it becomes uncomfortable. It’s good to stay clean, both physically as well as mentally 🙂


    1. lol. Different razors for different occasions? 😛
      I use Mac 3 too, not the apple one but the Gillette Mac 3. As for cream, I use the Gillette thing, need to check it when I shave tomorrow.

      You mentioned nice points for example how to shave. Perhaps this needs a dedicated post with a video tutorial. lol. We might keep it for some other time. Thank you for the suggestion!


      1. @yashvinawootar:disqus wrote:
        “lol. Different razors for different occasions? :P”

        That’s because (good) razorz (and its blades) are expensive, at least for non-working class.

        A good sleep is imperative for not only a fresh face but also to be able to focus on your work (esp. to those who code).


      1. I second that. Reason is both for ingrown hairs, as well as the itchy uncomfortable part when you have shaved freshly and when it stubbles start sprouting back.

        It seems this has eluded to a few mindsets around here,but just think – for hairs to grow there naturally, there has to be a reason. That’s why it’s good to have them here but not like some bushy forest. Nice way to maintain the comfort as well as the cleanliness is to – Trim it.


  4. i started posting from my phone, then well, it got messy..the droid browsers seems to have limitations for desktop version of website.

    i generally shave when the need be, but maximum after 5 days. i, and my girlfriend also does, like the 5 o’clock shadow style. and luckily, it is tolerated at my company, so long you groom it well. Hence generally i would use a trimmer, on level 1 shavehead blade for this effect. BUT this requires lots of care, the 5 oclock shadow is millimetres away from a not so well kept beard.

    When it comes to clean shave, i generally use the Gillette Mach 3. Now coming to that, recently i went to jumbo to buy myself some blade, which cost around Rs 300. Thing  is there was no Gillette Mach 3, but Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, and according to the instructions, it fits all Gillette Mach 3. The Mach 3 Turbo, comes with a battery which provides some sort of vibration which is supposed to enhance the shave. Using only the blade on a normal Mach 3 was not that great, i wasnt sastified with the first 3 shave (even got a cut in one occasion), but then it seems to be ok. 2 weeks after there was a promo, you buy the normal mach 3 blade and get a small shaving gel. Bought it, and kept it for hard time, and since i travel a lot, the small form factor of the gel fits the luggage and passes airport security.

    With regards to shaving cream, normally i use the one from yves rocher. Good perfume, good for skin. It has skin cleansing agent, and keeps the skin smooth. The after shave also is very good, all the products are made from ginseng. If you can afford these product, i would definitely advise you to try time. Try it, you will adopt it. Unfortunately, i ran out of both since last month, and given the time i been finishing from the office, and travels, i didnt get to purchase, so i had a run to the nearest supermarket, and bough the aftershave gel from gillet, which isnt bad also.

    Well that was my contribution to the shaving topic.

    @yashvinawootar:disqus i have a suggestion for a new topic, or rather, if i get some time, i will write one and send to you..been wanting to write from some time, but i wouldnt start a blog for it..


    1. Hi @8b27cd62402c10960ec83cb139d93194:disqus

      I believe you were talking about the Mach 3 Turbo then you got diverted? You didn’t tell the whole story about it, if I understood it well. You only said there was no Mach 3 at Jumbo (this part attracted me cos even I was disappointed to see that the same wasn’t available there when I checked in), and only the new Turbo one was available. And that, this new Turbo one comes with a battery…vibration bla bla..its blade fits the former one.

      But then, what about your experience to it? You tried the new Turbo one? Is it worth to swap from the normal to the Turbo one? In what ways does the latter sucks or beats the former. What are its features. Also you said you once cut yourself – was it from the former normal version or the latter Turbo one?

      Where can one avail of the Yves Rocher product? I hate going to many a places to only be disappointed that whatever I’m looking for isn’t available there when it’s supposedly meant to.


      1. Hi Anooj,

        at the time of writing, i had so many stuff going on my mind, that i may have missed some points i wanted to share..sorry about that..

        with regards to the mach 3 turbo blade, the blade aint good. it kinda pulls the skin, and when you shave with it, it is not very smooth. it doesnt cut the hair at the skin level, but just above, you have to make several passes, or shave against the grain, which aint good, as the beard grows denser. But i guess the experience might be different if you are using the one with the battery. My brother tried it, he shaves everyday, and reverted back to the normal mach 3.

        For the Yves rocher products, you can either purchase it through a representative, or they have a shop in quatre bornes, in the victoria avenue, just after the bus stand, on your left hand side in you are going down the victoria avenue. Prices are not very expensive actually if you consider, th quality of the products.

        While you are in quatre bornes, drop by gold crest. In that building there is a shop which sells perfumes, it is on the main road side itself, on the ground floor. They still have the Mach 3 blades. They import from Arabic countries, as most of the time the inscription is in arabic, but the quality is good, and prices ok.

        There was someone talking about metro sexual side of man. Well i believe men should take care of themselves, looking, smelling and feeling good is important.

        I use lots of products, and i think its a good opportunity to share here, and i guess its very rare guys talk about these in a subject of conversation.

        Lets start with perfumes?

        What do u guys use? i am a great fanatic of perfumes, and have a huge collection of same, my top 5 of:

        1. Hugo Boss Energize – actually my signature perfume. At work and at home, ppl know am here with my perfume. Long lasting, but definitely as the day goes buy, intensity diminishes. 

        2. Dunhill Blue desire – picked that from delhi’s duty free, took a 150ml ,been using it for 2 years, only for big occasions

        3. Ck Euphoria – girls just love it, not very intense but those who get close enough just wanna eat you.

        4. Paco Rabanne One Milion – Love that scent long lasting, my last bottle got stolen from my luggage in senegal havent yet replaced it.

        5. Armani Sports Code – if you wanna feel sexy, wear it. i dunno if you will feel sexy, you definitely will smell sexy..

        6. (i said top 5 but i couldnt let this one go) JP Gaultier Le Male – this was the first perfume i ever bought. Its for the rough guys. It is very strong, if you have a sensible nose, avoid.

        Now those are very expensive if you buy from Mado, if you got someone travelling, have them pick it up from the duty free, some of them might not be available from the mauritius duty free.

        Check out the perfumes at Yves rocher, those can be used every day, smell good,last long, and compared to those above, relatively cheaper. have tried most of them, my favorite is Transat.

        Now you just don’t wear a perfume without a deo. The best option is to go for the deo of the perfumes listed above, but what if it is too expensive overall? go for a deo, which has minimum scent. I have tried a lot and i havefinall serrtle for Dove Men + care. 48 hour protection. makes u feel very comfortable, some deo leave a white deposit, this one doesnt. Some irritate the skin (that varies from skin to skin) this one doesnt. Some make u feel suffocated, this one doesnt. And if like me you like the perfumes which you spent lots of money on, this one’s scent is very discrete and you can still enjoy the perfume.

        I still got more to share (face wash and cream, for drivers, anti skin burn cream, gel douche/savon).. but for now thats all..

        While coming back to shaving, what about armpits and bust? do you shave or wax?


  5. So, there we are, we finally have THE post that awakens the metro-sexual part of males visiting… hehe… Merci pour eux, Yashvin! 😀

    What next: which is the best after-shave? The best skin-moisturiser? 🙂 reminds me of the episode of Friends, where Ross describes the “zone T”… 😀


  6. Ah pardon me, forgot to comment constructively:

    Er, ideally, I should be doing it everyday for pleasing my daughter. But this would cause ingrown hairs or severe inflammation, because I started shaving at the very young age of 18 (eighteen)…

    May I recommend to any shaver to have a stock of growing aloe vera (known as “mazambron vert” locally) plants nearby: it’s gel as balm or digestive is an absolute miracle! With that, you can even shave against the grain, everyday, no problemo!


  7. This is what happens when I shave on a morning: Wake up (physically only), drag my body’s weight to the sink (that’s like 10kms away from my bedroom). Once I reach there, I lift the right arm to open the wash basin cabinet and take out the razor while the left one takes out the shaving foam from another cabinet. Then I apply the foam on my face and then shave. After a couple of cuts here and there, I apply the after shave (mentally wakes up). 

    So much to say that shaving in the morning requires so much effort that I prefer to do it in late in the evening (just before hitting the sack). But on weekends, I wake up late. But then I don’t find the necessity to shave since I’ll be at home most of the time. But to answer your question I shave at most 3 times in a week.

    Hey about a video tutorial, here one! Hope it helps! 😛


      1. i am currently using hair removal cream for armpits and bust. I guess it could be used for the face…but i dont think its advisable…


  8. I for one got no issues with shaving. I love that feeling of having a beard. My work does not require me to shave as I dont meet clients. Its true that when there are lots of work, I dont shave at all. Yashvin do you remember those beards and hairs I had at the time of PASS/AIDO. Haha. Weird


  9. As Mi & Jp: I definitely find my boyfriend sexy with hairs on his face 🙂 You’re right Jp.
    But the problem which occurs when a guy does not shave for days is that it makes them look savage. 

    By the way, is there any place in Mauritius where one can permanently remove the hairs on one’s skin? I’ve not shaved my legs since for two months now and I’ve NOT worn any skirt or dress because of that. I’m such a busy person. LOL.


  10. I also have “invisible” hairs under my armpit and I’m 19 ! LOL. Do I never had to shave my armpit, it’s clean with verrrryyyyyyy short hairs ! HAHA ! Fortunately, my mother too has no hairs under the armpit ! 


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