Can you concentrate on reading while listening to music?

While some prefer to study/read in a quiet environment, others get more motivated with some music playing in the background. Coming to music, some prefer a nice and soft music while others might prefer some trance or any other kind of music.

What about you?

Some also prefer to have Facebook opened in their browser but that’s another topic.

9 thoughts on “Can you concentrate on reading while listening to music?

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  1. not a simple question. it depends on the person, on what you’re working on and the type of music you’re listening to. most of my friends need complete silence. but i need my music to work and i’ve built a strong collection of instrumental/ambient pieces throughout the years for that sole purpose. 


  2. ambient music or anything light electronic should do at low volumes. silence does the trick too.

    I really can’t listen to complex stuff or music I tend to like a lot. I tend to concentrate on the music in that case. If it’s radio pop songs, it’s even worse, it gets on my nerves 😉


  3. as for me i am the complete opposite of you guys here, i can concentrate if there is any loud noise , so music of any kind is plain annoying for me when i am trying to study! and i cant really understand how people can concentrate when listening to music!


  4. I can’t concentrate with music playing.  My mind zones in on the music and stays focused on on it, preventing me from focusing on anything else, namely my work.  People who like music while they work should absolutely use ear buds to prevent anyone else from hearing it.  It is absolutely 100% inconsiderate to others to play audible music within earshot of anyone else in a work environment.  


  5. It depends on my mood and music style.  I enjoy reading and working with a nice background music.  But if I hear some crazy chap tearing my eardrums with some insane song, then i’ll just turn it off.  Ghazals are total NO for me…

    I think it’s quite normal to be able to read in a noisy place in a bus for example…


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