Do you have a life insurance? (or planning to have one?)

A few days ago, an agent from a life insurance company came to the office to give us a small presentation of the different products offered by his company, mainly life insurance policies.

In brief, a life insurance guarantees several benefits, depending on the package that has been tailored for your needs. Though it might differ, life insurance policies can

  • Guarantee you a monthly pension after your retirement,
  • Give you the option to cash back your money after x years
  • Give peace of mind to your beneficiaries (spouse/children) after your death since money will be paid to them.
  • Protect you in case you are disabled or inability to work.
  • Provide education plans (among others) for your children

Point to note :

  • Banks sometimes require that you have a life insurance if you are taking loans. This guarantees that in the event of your death, they can recover the money from the agency.
  • Some time ago, it was common practice for people to subscribe to a life insurance since the amount was deductible from the tax. However, this is no more the case since some amendments that have been made.

So, are you insured? What motivated you to subscribe to a life insurance policy?  If you are not insured (or not planning to), what are your reasons?

Wish all of you a nice week. Bon courage! Be patient, we have a long weekend awaiting us!!!

8 thoughts on “Do you have a life insurance? (or planning to have one?)

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  1. Having already benefited from a life scheme at retirement, I strongly recommend to have a life insurance policy at an early stage in your working career. Even if you already have a group insurance from your employer do take out a private life insurance one. In my time my policy was tax deductible so I had an extra advange for many years. Usually, you can opt for either a periodic payment at retirement or a lump sum. Look around for the best offers but try to stay with renowned companies. Todays economic and financial climate is so that you need to choose a stable insurance company.


  2. malere pena lodeur…. 

    but still with a life assurance it will help you for a loan.
    kidsuniversity, wifehusband = housecar, etc etc

    there is also the fast cash back from Sicom
    very interesting. better return on savings that Commercial bank interest rate.


  3. May I add: have a travel insurance (which includes a comprehensive medical cover) when you plan to travel by air or sea.  It saved me huge expenses some months ago…


  4. I don’t work. And I was surprised when I took a life insurance, they didn’t ask me how I will settle the monthly payments. Yes, I have a life insurance.


  5. I thought it will be an in-depth article alike your medical one. Maybe edit, with pros and cons from different agencies and which covers are the best.


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