Do you still buy gifts for St Valentine’s day?

It has become more a commercial day rather than a day associated with romance for lovers. There are people who still think that one day love-pampering can account for the ignorance during the rest of the year. A year ago, I even blogged about why I did not buy any roses for her, which might cost even more today because of the recent ‘cyclone’. I prefer buying a bouquet of roses to gift her at some other day than buy only 1 rose for the same price today.

This year, it will be nothing more than a normal dinner at her place. No gifts, No roses. Our way to show that it is a day just like others.

Do you remember the quote “Give a man a fish…”. Similarly,

Give your girl a rose, you will please her for a day. Teach her how to grow roses and you please her for a lifetime xD

What about you? Any special budget for the gifts?

Happy Saint Valentine’s day to all lovers! 

5 thoughts on “Do you still buy gifts for St Valentine’s day?

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  1. We do not do anything special on this day as it is indeed a commercialized event pushed by the media. Anything to make you part with your hard earned Rs. And please stop associating Saint(s) Valentine (there are many of them) with this, he/they had nothing to do with romance it is all legend. However, if you feel like giving presents to your loved ones feel free as there are 365 days available to do so.


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