Rs 190,000 fine for harassment using mobile/internet

Yes. That happened right in Mauritius!

To tell you the truth, I was going to publish another article but when I came across this local news, I immediately started to write this text.

The court has infringed a fine of Rs190,000 to a young 21yrs old university guy for offenses made towards a teenage girl some 3 years ago. At that time, the girl, aged 16years old and the 19yrs guy got to know each other on the net. However, she cut off all contact when she noticed that his talks were becoming indecent. The worst was still to come. He then faked her profile/display picture and harassed both the girl and even her brother by sending them text messages.

After 3 years, the verdict was finally pronounced. The magistrate charged him of several offenses including “unautho­rised modification of computer material”, “unauthorised access to computer data”, “using an information and com­munication service for the purpose of causing annoyance”. She also said that she’s sending a strong signal through this huge fine amount.

However, the questions that I am asking myself right now :

  • At the end of the day, who is really paying for his deeds??
    Most probably his parents, or perhaps himself but that’s little probability given that he’s only a student.
  • Isn’t some (REAL!!!) social work/community service more appropriate as punishment to the guy and to serve as a bad example for others to follow?

15 thoughts on “Rs 190,000 fine for harassment using mobile/internet

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  1. I would have thought that community service would also have been appropriate along with the fine. He probably got off lightly in some countries that would have been enough to send him to jail.


  2. He faked her profile, that’s called identity theft. In many countries, identity theft implies several years of jail-time ( 

    He got off very lightly and should be thankful that he does not live in France, US, Canada, Australia or one of the other countries where he would have finished in jail.

    As for his parents paying his fine, they could choose not to, which will result in the guy finishing in jail. On the other hand, I do think that parents are partly responsible for the actions of their children and should feel the pain too.

    Also, we should not forget the harm that he might have caused to the girl. There are youngsters who have taken their own life following similar incidents in other countries. Just type the words ‘teenager online bullying suicide’ in google and see the number of hits.


  3. Totally agree with the fine as punishment. This applies to people in the future not to harass others using their phone and the telecommunication service. It appears at first glance that the fine is too high for a student but in another angle if the victim is too disturbed by the harassment, she could have committed suicide and this is not the first case in Mauritius. 

    What will happen to the family if such mishaps happened !!!!!!
    Because of some bad people your may loss your dear one.
    Who can replace LIFE?     Money!!!!  

    This should serve as a lesson not to harass anybody by phone or whatsoever.  The magistrate or judge has well calculated the punishment before reaching such a fine.



  4. facebook can be dangerous sometimes, know your privacy setttings…lots of people do not know about this, especially youngsters, i think you should publish something about that someday…


    1. Totally agree ! I think dat would hv been better if workshops are organised in schools concerning same so that youngsters become fully aware of these privacy settings!


  5. HAHAHA !!!
    Pa facil sa! Tifi la ek so famille ine souffert MAIS Gouvernement ki tap Rs190,000!
    Mari la loi sa !!! Sa fair mwa rappel ban pauvres planteurs ki ti p bizin passe la nuit dans caro pou atrape voleurs! Kan zafair passe la cour, voleurs paye lamane et gouvernement profiter! Pauvre ti planteurs li pa gagn n sou la dans malgré sa la perte ki li fine subir…!
    Pou bizin PARTI MALIN mem dans sa pays la do !


  6. Hello,
    Do you have any information regarding the Case number or any relevant details to further investigate the case.
    Grateful and thank you.



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