11.11.11 – No Email Day

Hello everyone!

  1. Tomorrow has a special date : 11.11.11 -> 11th November 2011
  2. Different web sites including the famous LifeHacker (and even Forbes) are talking about it, the “No Email Day“, on which people are highly encouraged to forget using email for a day. Instead, communicate directly to the persons if possible. btw, email turned 40 years this year!

As for me, one thing for sure, I will definitely be away from mails tomorrow because together with my DCDMC project team, we will be heading towards Ile Aux Cerfs! YAY!

Will you be able to live without your mail box tomorrow?

Let’s see who can take up this challenge? I am, definitely!

Please share around, and let’s see!

7 thoughts on “11.11.11 – No Email Day

Add yours

  1. Dans sa K la ti bizin donne public holiday – how do you want me to work without emails? i cannot meet all the people i want – some are not even in Mauritius. to p paye billet avion? why in the world is there a no email day? email are non polluting of what i know. next there will be no cloth day?


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