Celebrating 5 years of blogging

Exactly 5 years back, I posted my first welcoming blog post.

Today, I can indeed say that it was really worth to step into blogging. My baby has grown into one of the most famous blogs of the island, receiving some hundreds of visits daily. It has been an awesome and exciting journey, still followed by so many people ever since the Day 1.

To celebrate this special moment, I ordered a black forest birthday cake and shared it among colleagues and my family members.

Once again, I heartily thank all of you for the wonderful support and participation during the past years. This said, I will study each and every suggestions/criticism received during the past days in order to enhance your experience here.

As usual, keep tuned in here, you aren’t going to miss anything.

Happy 5th Blogging Anniversary!

Previous blogging anniversary posts : 1, 23 and 4.

22 thoughts on “Celebrating 5 years of blogging

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  1. Congratulations! I started visiting blogs last year [election time] and I’ve noticed that  unlike this one, quite a few blogs last only a few months or post something every five or six months. Well, blogging is not an easy hobby for  the idle, but something that requires dedication. The discussion,  also, is often very interesting here. Thanks for the best Mauritian blog! [



  2. MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S GREAT!!!! hapiii anif man! thats a great website! hats off to you!! farhan @ dcdmc 🙂 dodo!


  3. congratulations – i first read ur blog when u were still at uni – i still remember being the cobaille testing new background or when u changed server. i even wrote a guess article ( idea collate all the guess article and post as a blog). u have doing marvels with your blog. Cheers and keep it up!


  4. hi i remember last time i came across ur website it caught my mind instantly.. it was something abt ” does god exist really or not ” and i forgot abt ur site got busy in life and today i came across it again .. well done


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