Duh. You misspelled my name!


Sounds funny? NO! Put yourself in my shoes. You will also find it awkward and irritating!

Very often, I am surprised how often people misspell my name. Worst, how can you type my name wrong when you are on my blog?

My name is written everywhere, from the address bar to the bottom part of the page, without forgetting the large banner, the sidebar and so many places more. I could even write my name on your face if the technology allowed me to! pff.

Are you blind? Do you have any other health/ eye sight issues that transform the “V” into a “W” or eat up the “Y” or insert additional letters?

Very often, I get comments or mails addressed to some Yashwin, Ashwin, Ashvin.

Sorry but I don’t reply to mails/comments not addressed to me and if ever I sent you the link to this blog article, then you seriously have to think twice before talking to me the next time.

A quote to end the article :
Remember and use people’s names when you talk to them. 

A person’s name is uniquely sweet sound to them (Robin Sharma)

43 thoughts on “Duh. You misspelled my name!

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  1. Got the same prob with our music band name. They always write it wrongly. Last year, I even told a guy from the press to write it correctly this time when the article is published. And you know what happened, right?


  2. I understand…ย 
    atleast they dont write… Yashveen…… i get that all the time…it is indeed very irritating.. ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. Oops, I forgot to quote this one, so I will add it here and update the article ๐Ÿ˜›

    Remember and use people’s names when you talk to them.ย A person’s name is uniquely sweet sound to them (Robin Sharma)


  4. At least, you’re not paying anything for it. My cousin recently got his first pack of business cards from a printing house in port louis, don’t know where exactly. They wrongly wrote his last name. He’s still using it though.


      1. Dakor nett. In your case, it happens from carelessness and/or laziness.

        But what would you say if someone did it VOLUNTARILY?

        Who knows Mr Armandine, the ‘famous’ music teacher…? What’s that bloodily unrelated question, you may be asking…

        Well, this mister has the uncouth manner of distorting each and every students’ names he comes across, abusing of his position of senior teacher especially on ti-form-รจnn classes… And guess what he did to my name.

        To this day, people who know my face from secondary school only call me the way that mister did. Thanks to him, I’m “famous”!

        If ever he crosses my way some day…


  5. haha…same here they get my name wrong very often…they say azmin instead of azmi..and I am so annoyed when people do that..


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