Guess where? (July 2011)

Here’s the monthly issue of the “Guess Where?” game.

Few things that you need to remember :

  • Do not post answers on Facebook/Twitter/Google+
  • Answers whether good or wrong WILL NOT be published and will be viewable only by Sunday morning.
  • If you have any other comments/questions, do post them in a separate comment (without any answers).
  • Names of places where the pictures were taken and names of winners will be published on the morning of Sunday 24th July 2011.
Now, guess where the pictures were taken and write down the answers in the comments section.

Picture 1

Picture 2


Welcome back to the blog for the answers and winners announcement. The first picture was taken at Pointe Lascar, more exactly in the Spiritual Park. The names of those who correctly answered this one :

  1. Kheshinee Deo
  2. Laksh
  3. kari
  4. Akshay Tarolah
  5. Yadhav
  6. Swanam25
  7. Mishy

Google Map Link

Now, coming to the 2nd picture. It was tough, I know. I will quote the answers left here :

  1. Someone named as “Facebook User” answered the following: “Savannah- just after l’escalier, on the road going to camp diab/riv. des anguilles
  2. Aziza Ramjane said “The second Picture is Savannah !! between lescalier and camp diable!! in the south!!”
  3. And Akash Gura Goredo said : “taken along one of the most picturesque southern roads of Mauritius, RDA classified road B8, leaving Camp Diable towards l’Escalier, just before the series of incredible bends and curves…”

Google Map Link

Can you see any common name in the list of names? NONE! Bad news!

I think that this game was a bit tough, especially the picture 2. Many remembered passing by, but nobody could tell us approximately where.

The good news is that all of you just discovered 2 locations of our beautiful island 🙂

Keep tuned and thanks for your interest.

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Good luck to all!

3 thoughts on “Guess where? (July 2011)

Add yours

  1. Hmmm the first one …Spiritual Park – La Pointe / Pointe des Lascars .. 

    second one — grrrrr some old sugar mill in the southern part of Mauritius :p hahahaha — got no idea though looks like ive bn there :p  … say Brittania ou Beau Vallon *shy* :p 


  2. Photo#1: SPIRITUAL PARK!!! Wai, dakor… Mais ena enn (preské) pareil kott Place Belgath – ena pa-kwar!
    Photo #2: Savannah ça l’endroit-la?? Pa sirr hein, parski Savannah so lizinn disik/power bien plis loin ça… En tout cas, li bien lors B8 road.

    OK, what next? Avoyé non! 🙂


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