What do you think abt the BEGA CHEDDAR advert?

I will be sincere. I really admire the adverts made by Circus. I think that they are the best in Mauritius. In fact, they are the best.

However the first time I saw the above advert on TV, I was expecting something more ‘exciting’ at the end of the ‘story’. Not a cheddar cheese. And when today I saw this advert on Youtube under their account, I was even more disappointed. Sorry.

The concept used would probably be more appropriate for some other product. Anyways, that’s my view, you can now share yours. The comments section is all yours.

8 thoughts on “What do you think abt the BEGA CHEDDAR advert?

Add yours

  1. Lame, to say the least.
    There’s an undeniable sense of “déjà-vu” aftertaste… must have seen something similar in Canal+’ notoriously long (4h+ programmes) “La Nuit de la Pub” some years back…


  2. Now people will think girls and women do like that when [they just wake up?? and] before they get ready….grrrrr :p
    It was already mentioned on the post that the ad was about cheddar, else I’d not know :p


  3. Who cares dude..
    Its just an ad n not worth taking it at heart 🙂

    Btw ur page needs some serious uft-8 encoding


    1. Hello. The encoding problem was caused when I migrated to a new host and
      unfortunately, I haven’t been able to dedicate much time to the blog to
      re-import the posts correctly 😦
      But thanks for reminding me.



  4. Update : 

    One of the competitors (Kraft) have launched their advert campaign too. I say it again, I am not an expert in advert and all these things, but as a customer, when I see this new advert, I say “Ala zotte manque originalité la!”


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