Infinite possibilities for urls soon

This is indeed a great day in the history of the internet. Don’t worry, I will keep everything simple and straightforward, so you don’t need to be a tech geek to understand this post.

You have most probably clicked on my link somewhere and you landed here, isn’t it? As you can see in the address bar, the text written is :

The .com part is known as the TLD, top level domain, just as .net, .org, .info, .edu etc etc. There exists a total of 22 TLD that can be used on the internet.

However, the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) announced that in a very near future, generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) can be anything that you can imagine.

Some examples :

or let’s be more fun :

As you have probably noticed, that’s an infinite number of possibilities, and money too.

How much does it costs?


$185,000 (~Rs5.5million) to apply for a suffix or TLD .

The ICANN has set high standards to prevent any abuse of the new system. This will prevent anyone from coming up with a new suffix and also preventing people from using registered brand names as suffixes. [Official site]

For comparison purposes, the existing gTLDs (.com, .net, .org ) cost around $10-$12 annually while Country Code Top Level Domains (like .mu) cost around Rs1500-Rs2000 annually.

Don’t worry, will always remain the same. Simply because I don’t have the cash…

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17 thoughts on “Infinite possibilities for urls soon

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    1. Thanks Bernard.
      Yeah, perhaps you probably remember that my bookmarks bar in chrome are
      always displayed by default.
      When I switch to incognito mode, they do not appear and hence, I can make a
      screenshot without people knowing what are my bookmarks 😉


    1. In short, the domain name is broken down into different parts.

      Let’s take an example (Anyone correct me if I am wrong) :
      A domain name is “” while the TLD is “.com”

      So, with the new suffixes, they will still be the last part (called the
      extension) of the domain name.


      1. No, you made a mistake.

        The domain name is “yashvinblogs” because “domain name” itself is only a name.

        Then, the TLD is “.com”.


  1. Alright. Let me explain.
    This is how most of us understand it:



    Where “kadabra” is the subdomain, “blogspot” is the domain and “.com” is the extension.


    This is how it actually is:

    http:// ( domain ( .domain ( .domain ) ) )

    Notice the brackets <–

    Eg.: for

    the "www" is the subdomain of "", and "yashvinblogs" is the subdomain of ".com". The "com" is the TLD.

    If you want, you can call "com" the first-level domain, "" the second-level domain and "" the third-level domain.

    The .com part is always at the right end of the domain or is the 'big daddy' if you wish, hence, the name 'TOP level domain'

    But then why do we call it "extension" you ask?

    You see, this way of designating the words between the dots is easier to get – it looks like a file extension like ".jpg", ".mp3", ".txt"…

    Which do you prefer?




    And for the extra lazy who wants to read more but don't know how to use google:

    I hope this helps.


  2. why .mu costs Rs 2000 and /in costs about Rs100 lol?
    aren’t both country tld’s?
    Why not make the .mu accessible at affordable price for all mauritian webmasters?


  3. Country code level domains for Mauritius ain’t cheap and furthermore there are not much companies selling this domain. A random thought : how do I get a .mu domain ? :S + how do I become a reseller of .mu ? ^_^


    1. Simple, Go on and get your domain. So basically is shit man (Typically Mauritian Hun). i wanted to grab the domain tried to regsiter but it wasn’t available. So I checked whois on itself and founf out the domains was expired since 2008 i think. Since then hasn’t deleted the domain according to ICAAN norms lol. They kept the domain and never released it. So I contacted them , and they said I have to pay for the Renewal Fee Rs 2000+ for the 3 years since it has been expired so Rs8000 LMFAO… That’s what we call MAURITIUS CYBER ISLAND 😀


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