So, where are you girls moving today?

Facebook has become the ideal ground to do new things like conducting experiments, inventing games and also for spreading sharing news and rumors. The success partly lies on the ‘fun’ and friendly aspect of the widely accepted social networking medium.

Since a few weeks, you have surely noticed some announcements from your Facebook female-friends about them moving to a new country. Of course, when you suddenly discover that one of your best friends is moving to America or Paris, you might probably say : “WTF?”

Let me tell you that they are moving nowhere. It is just one of the games or experiments on Facebook. And they find it “funny” to communicate (with whom?) with those “coded” messages.

How did this spread on Facebook? I mean, the coded message and how to decipher them. In fact, the girls are sending those via Facebook messages that’s why you (guys) haven’t understood a single bit of the whole thing. Point to note : While reading some pages on Facebook, I noticed that lot of girls were kept out of the loop. Consequence : They posted msgs like “Y?“, “When you going?” and etc…

Here’s the ‘secret’ message sent in among girls :

So, I am officially revealing the secret to those who haven’t understood why their friends are running away :

Single : I’m moving to london!
Seeing some1 : I’m moving to liverpool!
Single&looking : I’m moving to Ireland!
Single&looking secretly : I’m moving to Nigeria
Can’t be arsed anymore : I’m moving to Wales!
Taken : I’m moving to Paris!
It’s Complicated : I’m moving to Scotland!
I want a chang e: I’m moving to America!
I’m a lesbian : I’m being deported
I’ve given up on love : immigration are outside my house……

Oops, it is no more a secret now, some of them gonna hate me! 😛

And guess what? A few hours ago, I came across another one :

Coming back to today’s topic, if your friend wrote that “I’m moving to Paris” for instance, that’s some sort of way to say that she is taken up. If you are looking to go out with someone, you should probably look for someone who is trying to move to Ireland or Nigeria.

So, where are you moving today?

My advice : Be careful or you might end up homeless and hopeless 🙂


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  1. The question remains: how many Canada-goers are likely to meet pink-walled facebookers?

    In any case, this is another reason that adds up to the already long list of other reasons why I absolutely despite the concept of fesse-bouc. Death to FB!


      1. I am a normal guy, i dont think i have a better social life.
        Mayb i think its a waste of time seeing pictures of people displaying only happy moments of their life e.g parties, hotels, foreign countries visit , As if life is always gud for them.

        Comme si zot montrer dimoon ki lavie facile poo zot.

        Well, thats only my opinion. 🙂


    1. “i haven’t yet seen the importance of facebook, do u think theres something wrong in me?”

      Noo, oh no! On the contrary: You were wise before the event. I came to realise that FB is only the most perfect tool that a dictatorial regime could set up for spying on its citizens.

      The Communists tried to make it by having at least a state-representative in each home.

      Fascists too: they tried to spy on their own leaders by appointing their spouse as spy.

      Now we have FB: it’s now so glamourous that no-one resists the temptation to brag about its feats on his personal wall (even some notorious criminals boasted about their prowess. And got caught by the act).

      It invites delation (Indian police encouraged people to report traffic offences by posting pictures) and therefore undermines the work of duly appointed authorities (the Indian police now rely on these for prosecuting traffic offences).

      Ever heard about employers spying on their employees for detecting ‘malades imaginaires’, backstabbing, foul-mouthing the company, etc?

      What about this heresy of the ‘like’ button?? Are things in life only likeable – what about ‘dislike’ for dogsake?!?

      You want to make friends? Observe children: they have no blinkers – they are open to liking people who are like-minded.

      So, if you want to make friends, open up. Don’t just frown and wear a T-shirt with a message that reads: “I wanna make friends with you”.

      Yes Troll, keep to your own: talk, make friends in real life, it’s way more gratifying. Not the shallow / ephemeral ‘relationships’ that FB encourages.


      1.  HI,
        Yeps indeed ive read loads of stuffs and conspiracy theories on facebook.

        If facebook creates a search engine then the internet will be in the hands of facebook same for ur privacy. 🙂


  2. In actual fact, private data for 100 million people was leaked in late July 2009. It’s only almost 10 months later in May 2011 that it could get the leak fixed.
    Imagine those into marketing gladly mining the through that immense data dump…
    Imagine your work-place rivals rummaging through your personal data for some unnamed intention…


  3. Another mail which I got from my spy : 

    Dernier trendon va faire un jeu!! écris un nom d’un gars sur mon mur!! attencion il faut k tu envois sa a ke des filles!! comme sa kend ton mur sera remplis tout le mode se demandera pk!?!? puis kend les gars vont vois sa ils vont devenir jaloux!! envoie sa a toutes tes amies conectes!!…………….


  4. Normally, girls write boys name on their wall to make other GIRLS jealous, certainly not other guys. Specially the single girls who would absolutely like to be in a relationship. 


  5. New addition *sent from my secret spy in the world of girls” : 

    Nous faisons un match. Vous écrivez le nom d’un garçon sur mon mur et Je vais faire la même chose. Vous devez envoyer ce message à toutes les filles qui sont en ligne. Lorsque votre mur sera pleine de noms de garçons, tous les garçon vont se demander pourquoi et celui qui va poser cette question signifie qu’il est jaloux. Donne le a toutes les filles en ligne. Go go go­ ­


  6. Hey man, just want to let you know that you and your spy are doing a great job. I hope you’re rewarding her correctly as she’s making a big sacrifice by betraying her friends. The last addition was very helpful btw.

    I have one question. Girls keep saying things like “hmmmm 13cm” , “20cm..”.
    So what does that centimeter thing is about?
    Thanks in advance.


      1. The real purpose, obviously is to make guys think they’re talking about the length of guys’ penis. And when it’s about guys’ penis, it’s definitely socially acceptable. I bet if I talk about the size of the clitoris, that would be offensive and this fact bothers me a lot.

        What does your spy know about it?


  7. New game on Facebook again :
    The status message of girls go as follows : 

    I’m (your birth month) weeks and I’m craving (your birth date)!!!

    Decrypted :  January-1weekFebuary-2weeksMarch-3weeksApril-4weeksMay-6weeksJune-8weeksJuly-10weeksAugust-12weeksSeptember-13weeksOctober-14weeksNovember-16weeksDecember-18weeksDays of the month:1- Skittles2- Starburst3- Kit-Kat4- M&M’s5- Tomatoes6- Ice Cream7- Dairy Milk8- Lollipop9- Peanut Butter Cups10- Meat Balls11- Twizzlers12- Bubble Gum13- Hershey’s Kisses14- Chocolate Mints15- Twix16- Cheese17- Fudge18- Cherry Jello19- Banana’s20- Pickels21- Chicken Wings22- Skittles23- Gummy Bears24- Gummy Worms25- Strawberry Pop Tarts26- Starburst27- Mini Eggs28- Kit-Kat Chunkie29- Double Chocolate Chip Chrunchy Cookies 30- Smarties31- Chocolate Cake 

    Special thanks to Joshua V. for revealing the secret out.


  8. Again another stupid one : 

    L’idée de cette année est d’écrire
    « Je vais vivre à (ville qui correspond à ton mois de naissance, selon les équivalences ci-dessous) pendant X mois (jour de ton anniversaire) avec un smiley ».

    Exemple : si je suis née le 14 février j’écrirais :
    « Je vais vivre à Londres pendant 14 mois »

    Janvier : Mexique ;
    Février : Londres ;
    Mars : Miami ;
    Avril : République Dominicaine ;
    Mai : France ;
    Juin : Saint Petersburg ;
    Juillet : Autriche ;
    Août : Allemagne ;
    Septembre : Hollande ;
    Octobre : Amsterdam ;
    Novembre : Las Vegas ;
    Décembre : Colombie.


  9. Another one, just reached my Inbox!
    Ladies, it is that time of year again to raise awareness for breast cancer and drive all the men crazy with curiosity.

    Remember the statuses about our bra color or where we put our purse?? It made more people aware as it went viral on FB and made the news. Well, this year the idea is to use you birth date: month and day only, no year!

    Ex. if your b-day is on February 14th, then you would post this as your status: “I am going to live in London for 14 months!! ”

    January – Mexico
    February – London
    March – Miami
    April – Dominican Republic
    May – France
    June – St. Petersburg
    July – Austria
    August – Germany
    September – New York
    October – Amsterdam
    November – Las Vegas
    December – Colombia

    Okay…so please invite your lady friends to this event and change your status!



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