Is the 2nd edition of le “Millionaire” tempting?

Mauritians have already gone crazy since lototech started its activities in Mauritius. The company’s marketing strategy has really succeeded in promoting their products, which includes the lotto game and a whole set of scratch cards giving you the chance to win frm Rs20 to Rs100,000, and even cars!

The leader of Party Malin was indeed right when he once said during his previous electoral campaign :

“Mauriciens kant lever, dans place zotte gratte liziers, aster zotte p gratte cartes!”

The company has recently announced that they will now launch the 2nd edition of their “Millionaire” scratch cards which give you the possibility to win even more chances while turning the wheel.

As compared to the first edition, there will be now 6 chances (instead of 3) for the ticker to land on the Rs1Million jackpot as well as on other winnings (Rs750,000 – Rs500,000 – Rs200,000) and 12 new gains of Rs400,000 and Rs300,000.

I have something else to say : I haven’t purchased any Millionaire scratch card yet. What about you?

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8 thoughts on “Is the 2nd edition of le “Millionaire” tempting?

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  1. Pour résumer mo pu dire que la lotterie nationale c’est = tax pour les pauvres.

    Sans ki zot p coner zot p donne zot la paye gouvernement.


  2. I think that the 2nd edition is going to attract even more players. However, I don’t believe it gives anyone more chances to win. The winner is still the government.


  3. gaspillage d’argent. Avec Rs 20 pou acheter ene card, mo kapav acheter ene Yop ou ene Yoplait, ou mem ene biscuit pou mo le corps.


  4. i purchase those scratch card very rarely, just to experience how it is but during this year i have not purchase any and i don’t need to do so as my dad is an addict to these cards etc…


  5. Nopes me too never bought….waste of money for me. Even I dnt play loto…each week I say I’ll play for Rs20 but each time I forget or have better things to do.


  6. I’ve already run out of luck because I already won lotteries: once I got an answering machine from MT as 5th prize of a lucky draw, and on another occasion I got a Sony “discman” in an internet lottery (wep, remember DeutchWelle TV?? That was back in 1999, when a discman was may too expensive) for which I had to pay about Rs500 as taxes at the parcel post office…
    Since then, I think all my luck has run out, that’s why i prefer using the money for some food, gonaz or something more tangible.
    In any case, the lotteries and speeding fines are surefire ways that the government uses and abuses to make easy money out of minimal effort. That’s why I spit on all those who came with these rotten/fecal ideas!


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