Le premier bilan, 1ans plus tard…

Ils sont à la tète du gouvernement mauricien depuis 1 ans déjà  et il est l’heure pour dresser un premier bilan du second mandat du gouvernement travailliste.

Faute de sujet intéressant à écrire sur ce blog, vous pouvez maintenant commencer à critiquer ou à faire les éloges du gouvernement et de ses projets réalisés pendant les douze derniers mois.

Allez-y! Défoulez vous!

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19 thoughts on “Le premier bilan, 1ans plus tard…

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  1. De-trois fois mo rever mo lor mo souval…
    Mo rever Navin, Pravind, Paul fini mort, pena aukenn Duval, Mohammmed, Jeetah, Ramgoolam, Jugnauth etc pe faire politique, bann miniss accountable to the PARLIAMENT, bann corps para-étatique pe respecter Companies Act (surtout so partie Corporate Governance) recta-recta…
    Mo’nn lever!


  2. The coalition government seems to follow it’s development agenda very well, especially in the area of attracting foreign investment. However, there are many areas of social justice that still need to be improved. There are anomalies in employee rights and labour protection. Basic wages are too low to match the cost of living. There should be a better mechanism for the review of cost of living index. Better pricing controls are needed for consumer protection. Overall, I see the government focus on economic growth and development but less on the social aspects. I foresee that the government will surprise us with more taxation. Having discontinued the NPRT and tax on savings interest they are probably seeking other methods of taxation to replace the loss. With galloping increases in the cost of petrol it can only get worse… you have been warned.


  3. The most entertaining government I’ve seen in my life! Seriously, funnier than a bunch of clowns, more acrobatic than gymnasts (in reverting decisions) and make millions vanish like real magicians. Outstanding act!


  4. Mo pas trop suive politique astr… I am waiting for the time when all these old school mentality people will be replaced by a newer generation with better thoughts and honesty.
    Enfin ce n’est qu’un rêve… Hélas!!!


  5. Billan apres 1an, mo penC pravind le gran gagnant; moins tax (nrpt) et money in(medpoint). C 1 bon return on investment ceki lin fer pou election ek de lotre coT navin so limaze bien gaT.

    Billan pou pays? Who cares? Paret tou sa politik la pa concerne la population.


  6. Could have been worse! Road development in the right areas is more of a relief than a feat, the active plan to reduce poverty is also good imho,

    I think the major issues that need to be addressed – and this has been going for years and years and years – are water storage, green environments and pollution, cost of living for the population at large, not so clear public report on how tax money is spent, not so clear procedures for anything related to public administration, LAW enforcement, hygiene in the health sector and for general consumption, real leaders working in management positions in ministries rather than ass-licking lazy ‘sponsored’ family members that barely know anything about management, questionable deals (medpoint, neotown)

    Any government in charge have been lacking in those areas, political parties and the media spend a lot of time criticizing each other when that time could have been used for more constructive work. Unfortunately, this is part of our culture

    I think that the government has to work even harder than right now to develop Mauritius.

    I hope that we, Maurtians, will need to develop more and more the culture of creating ideas and implementing projects with best practices and financial transparency rather than attacking people like person x did that to person y etc…


  7. 1 ans après a b pays la encore pareil.
    Ça ki riche p vine plus riche et ça ki pauvre p vine plus pauvre


  8. Transport GRATUIT,education GRATUIT,l’hopital et soins GRATUIT,medicamment GRATUIT,consultation GRATUIT,operation GRATUIT mais still zot critiK mem…zot profiT mai pas satisfait…si coumsa alle APOLLO BRAMWEL zot paye rs10,000 par jour pou gagne 1 service 1st Class,asT 1 BMW SERIE 7 ou MERCEDES CLASS G et mette 1 chauffeur…


  9. L’ile Maurice et son Prémier Ministre sur le site de Reporters Sans Frontieres !!!


    RSF: “En octobre 2010, l’île Maurice était classée au 65ème rang mondial du classement de la liberté de la presse publié par Reporters sans frontières, enregistrant une chute de 14 places par rapport à l’année précédente.”



  10. nek ene sel zafr mo nvi dire…2pi ki mne komense comprnd politik..sa 1er govt mne truV ki ti ena autant scandales a zt nom…PTR-PMXD might hv been a gud govt alone(e mo p dire sa paski mo ti satisfait avec govt 2005-2010)..mais l’alliance de ‘avenir..uhum uhumm….

    Affaire a suivre… 😛


  11. @ kervin,biensur mo res dan 1 lendrwa kot pa ggn bus cma CNT ou TBS…e mo alE lopital,cma mne dir si ena prob ar lopital better ale clinique priveE,dimoune penvi payE e lorla zot gagne pou critiK…


  12. @Pushkur
    Geyn drwa kritike kan mem pa paye , parski tu sa bann zafer gratis pey ar larzan piblik sa . Pena okenn servis piblik ki finance par larzan ki sort dan pos kik politisyen u par lakes kik parti politik .

    Larzan piblik la li pa zis income tax me osi TVA . Tu dimun dan Moris pey tax . Ena TVA lor preske tu prodwi ek servis . Sa vedir kikenn ki geyn saler moyen Rs10000. par moa pey apepre Rs18000 TVA par an . Enn madam ki travay dan karo pu Rs1200 par semenn pey Rs9300 tax par an .


  13. @Sagirarius Exactement. Ceki bizin compren c’est politiens pa met 1 sous la dan zot. C’est nous kas, c’est pou nous sa. Pena oken kdo ki fer nous. Nous travail et nous gagner. Et kuma 1 tax payer, mo bizin veiller a c’est qui bien depense mo kas, c’est mo devoir civic et osi tous Mauriciens.


  14. La source problem seems to be the Minister of Finance. Instead of building on the long term path Rama Sithanen had set, his ego makes it required that he does cosmetic changes and upsets a few things… why do you think inflation is so high now? and all those prices going up suddenly… All following the budget… Why is the MSM being given so much importance when almost all of their ministers are being prey to scandals?.. No, Paul is too old now, faute de mieux, there’s no better leader than our dear PM. He’s grown up now and seems to know how to keep the team together…

    If I were the minor parties, I’d regroup them all under a single Alliance Revolution: I mean take lalit, mmsd, parti malin, etc. They have at least 1 person who can be voted under an alliance. Remember how some new faces were voted just because of their allegience for the last elections.

    But on the whole, this government is commendable. Education, infrastructure, health… all seem to be improving but Finance is going down with increase debt and attemp to press censorship…


  15. No comments but I would like to add something…”BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD” said by M.K Gandhi!!!


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