Orange Family Antakshari

Hello dear readers.

I might deceive you tonight since … there won’t be any criticism (at least from me) about the new MBC singing competition, the Orange Family Antakshari. I had a much better video to watch, and it was that of the wedding of my sister.

However, I encourage you to leave a few words, in case you still watch the national television. I also heard that the broadcast of this tv program was much controversial because the concept being used was initially proposed by Emtel. The title would have been the “Emtel Family Antakshari”. Anyways, let forget about all this. Just enjoy your life 😉

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For those who missed the post about the Zorange Expo Fair, please visit the page here.

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  1. ummmm wel i did watch part of it last nite.n i didnt find it bad at al..i was more or less stunned by z performance of z contestants..songs i had never hrd b4 in my lifetime..mais bon..we cannot judge a show by a single episode..affaire a suivre 😀 😀


  2. Switched briefly to catch the last scenes. However, it is not something that I watch. There is too much of these singing programs on TV. They are multiplied on various digital channels. Fed up with seeing people make fools of themselves. I would prefer the MBC get some new series (not soaps) and better films.


  3. Watched it but didn’t like it. MBC bragged a lot about the show, especially about the Indian producers and technicians. Plus, the 4000 light bulbs.

    In reality, it turned out to be mediocre. Lipstick on the pig. Beautiful set and dresses. But the event seemed to be in a stressful atmosphere. Each time, the presenter was shouting like hell after the song was over. And that guy who was imitating Bieber looked LOL. 😛

    Best local show in Mauritius is Le Millionaire. 😉


  4. @Natia Ke Beta, I agree with you. Le Millionaire is the best local production (and it is not produced by the MBC) 😛

    MBC needs some fresh people to update their concepts and change their old way of doing things.


  5. I think the lady in blue :p “the host” is annoyingly annoying :p … Please remind her that she is not in a concert kinda open air stadium and there aint 100000 people in there , its a freaking studio “indOor” lOl … PleAse stOp screaMing !! Ouch yOu hurting everyOne’s ears ! Looks like a good effort though .. hmm a bit too early to judge the show’s format etc oh yea on that nOte may be 1 mic each for the family members :p non ?? … I ended up watching the whole thing :p … i had a smile on my face all the way through lol .. guess i was a bit too homesick hahahah 😉 sOngs ive never ever heard of .. way to go 😉


  6. well a bit more of hindi is needed in that.And i totally agree that the hostess is annoying. She overreacts loadzzz!:P!there are eldres watching this program so please see to it to improve the hindi and lady in blue please CONTROL.aditya rocksss!!!!


  7. i watched the show on 23rd April 2011. i was shocked by the crude words in Creole used by the presentator.. i think he really needs go to to school to learn creole… by using Street words like “mo la em TAA” in a Family show is quite not acceptable to hear.. not polite and overall waste of time with very awful orchestra man who was singing and could bring better in such a such called Zorange Family Show could have been at a very high level to represent its Brand name n not with stupidities….and unprofessional personel


  8. ver bad tv show!!!!!!
    must improve!!!!!!!!
    people animating the show must dress well and look pretty!! thats would be great!!!




  10. 14 May 2011

    I just came back from a wedding (Saffran), sat in front of the tv and guess what?
    “orange family antakshari”.

    A complete stupid thing. 3 of the 4 teams are just seated there, “p soffe chaise”.

    Doesn’t this competition have some kind of pre-selection?

    The male host with a large tatoo on his arm. This tattoo seems so unprofessional and unsuitable on the tv screen.

    And the female host seems to show her “nachanya”(dancing skills).I think that some people should remind her that’s not the right platform for her moves lol.


  11. Prestation du présentateur de Orange Antakshari vraiment mauvaise. Aster p gagne comprend kifair gouvernement p rode introduire la langue créole dans primaire!!! x)


  12. its a waste of time…jodi no1 and hum bhi singing competition ws better…and the hostess,plito pa overreact


  13. Hey guys its really a waste of a show!!!
    Concept of the show is absolutely substandard.
    I went to assist the recording of the 1st episode as my family participated!!!

    U knw wat….participants hd to arrive @ 2:30pm and recording was scheduled at 6.00p.m!!! i returned home early at 3.00p.m to pick up sme other members!! Set off at 16.30p.m endured the traffic of port-louis!! finally reached Moka at 0600 p.m(spectators were allowed from that time). on reaching there the set wasn’t yet ready!! waited for nearly another hour… finally started!!!

    the worst is that with all the disorganisation the show ended at around 23hrs!!!!

    to res assiser to sa letemps la laba!!!! Crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pa fini 1 semaine plutard banla telephoner disant…. ine mal fer recording cn u cme back???

    Krk this time only participants went!!!! n ki pu fer assizer 2 heures temps laba et get camera!!!!

    BOM NET!!!!!!!!!!


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