Price of Petrol (March 2011 – II)

The government has unexpectedly announced a temporary decrease in the price of petroleum products today. The new prices are as follows :

Essence : From Rs51.30/L to Rs49.30/L

Diesel : From Rs43.50/L to Rs41.20/L

Points to note :

  • This decrease has been made possible by reviewing the amount of Hedging Loss that Mauritians pay for each litre.
  • This the 2nd price update for the month of March 2011.

I was quite shocked by the speech of Pravind Jugnauth on MBC. He made a comparison with the UK, where the prices of petroleum products were decreased by 1penny, and he also stated that the population showed much satisfaction following the decrease of 1penny. This said, he added that Mauritians should notice the effort done by our government by applying this decrease, which is much more than that of UK.

Yashvin, pages of my life

How can he compare Mauritius to UK? We are totally in 2 different worlds and I find those people doing those comparisons really sick! There’s a different cost of living, salary and so on…

Lastly, did he forget that Mauritians are paying for the errors made by the ones taking the decisions in the board of the Automatic Pricing Mechanism? By decreasing the amount we pay, he is not doing any flavor to us! We don’t have the choice and we will be paying it afterwards!

Totally stupid speech from the ti-cretin! He missed out on a fine opportunity to keep his mouth shut!

15 thoughts on “Price of Petrol (March 2011 – II)

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  1. *sigh* just be happy the price went down a bit; of course hes gonna blabber about it, thats politics… he has to make it known that hes doing some good. Bet ya, in 2015, hes gonna be saying how it was HIM that made fuel price go down…


  2. The 1p decrease is symbolic. It’s the price freeze for a considerable period is what some are happy about. The economic parameters are different for the two countries because of different economic models and different political practices. Also, the government in UK has been under heavy pressure which forced them to do a few u-turns in policy making – something that will unlikely happen in Mauritius because of the arrogance and corrupted minds of the mauritian political class.


  3. Mega Like your last 2!!!

    Anyway, it’s not new that political (mis)leaders think they are doing us a favour…pfff!!!

    Mo conseil dimoune rempli drom l’essence lakaz!!! lol!


  4. oh gosh… the ‘drop’ does not comfort me, I wish those politicians started thinking from time to time or bring their brains to ‘work’.


  5. I believe credit, if any, should go to the monetary policy committee of the Bank of Mauritius.

    On a side note, be careful of the adjectives you use to describe people, you are not in parliament.


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