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A few days ago, I yelled at a man who was doing his job on the road. I felt a bit bad as I was rude to him but there is no excuse when it comes to road safety.

Update : I repeat, I felt bad. No need to say that I did not have to yell at him! At that moment, he was the one responsible for the traffic, even if the planning etc are made in office and with improper control of the traffic at that moment, vehicules going in opposite directions could collide. [End of update]

As you have probably seen, various parts of our road network are currently under works for improving the existing road infrastructure. Added to these, several private companies are installing cables or connecting houses to the waste water network, among others. Most of the time, special arrangements (or deviations) need to made to control the traffic flow. Unfortunately, in lots of cases, you will notice that the private companies put their own men to control the traffic, and sometimes the traffic signs are either useless or innappropriate.

The man I am talking about was standing besides a “Go/Stop” road sign at the other end of the area under road works. With no proper traffic signal at my end, I continued my way along my lane. And guess what? On reaching the end of the area, the man had his road sign, with the “STOP” on my side and the “GO” on the other, instructing the vehicles of the opposite direction to drive in. It was a deadlock situation.

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As I stated above, I shouted at the man as vehicles were driving in from both sides onto a single lane. I asked him how could he control the traffic at one end only? In this desperate situation, he nodded his head as he was not aware that there was no one at the other end.

Another example of lack of planning and management could be the fact that road signs are not removed when the road works are completed. For some reason, they might even have temporarily stopped the works and the signs (including speed limitations) will stay untouched for days and even weeks.

I don’t know if these people hold some kind of traffic control certificate but as far as I know, they are not police officers and they probably do not have a good notion of road safety and traffic control. As usual, you will only hear the authorities trying to take action when someone gets killed (either road users or the workers) due to carelessness of these third parties.

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  1. to encor sauvage mem!!!!!!!!! lol…ki fer to p maltraite dimoune ki p fer so “travail”???..pauvre so travail sa au fait. c just ki company ki p fer bane travaux la pa fine ajoute cost pou real traffic officers/policemen. donc to bizin alle excuse toi aupres le bougre. par contre si ti ene policier sa,lerla to ti capav roule lor so lipied. a coz pena place pou 2 loto passer et li p nek deboute en place!!


  2. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that you should have yelled over that person. The guy had to do the work the way he did it because the plannning wasn’t made by him. People sitting in offices did not do the proper work in HR and just sent the guy to do that job oblivious of the fact that you needed 2 people to have the system work. The poor fellow didn’t reply because he had to take the ire of people who thought he was reponsible of the havoc.


  3. The way it should be done :

    There should be 2 Stop-Go signal posts and the workers manning them should be within sight of each other .

    Before giving the ‘Go’ the person operating the signal should wait for the last car to have been signalled ‘Go’ at the other post to leave the portion of road between the 2 posts .
    Signals should read Stop/…./Go , Stop/…./Stop , Go/…./Stop .

    There has to be that transition period when traffic from both directions are signalled ‘Stop’ and it is impossible for a single person to handle that with a signal plate reading Stop on one side and Go on the other .

    If the portion of road being repaired is not straight and the two signals operators can’t see each other a third person must be placed at the bend to coordinate signals given by the two posts .


  4. It is all a question of co-ordination, sometimes you have to yell to wake them up. Maybe it was a scientific experiment, like poles repel, unlike poles attract! So you didn’t hear a bang then?


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