Wedding celebrations over…

After approximately 20years, a wedding ceremony was organised in our yard. The atmosphere over here was special, everyone getting excited as the great day was approaching.

The planning started about 1 year ago, and I can say that it was really a great deal of organisation. Just to quote a few ;

  • Rental of the tent, decorations and lightning, chairs, tables, kitchen utensils
  • Writing down the list of guests and going round the island to invite each one of them personally
  • Making space for parking area for guests
  • Food and catering
The last month was quite hectic, and the last week was intensively tiring and full of stress.

The event live on Facebook

The organisation was quite exceptional, and my friends on Facebook were able to follow this event live on Facebook since I regularly uploaded instant shots to a Facebook album.

Grab my Vivaz Pro, Compose, press the shutter button and upload the shot on Facebook through the wifi broadcasted at home.

Over 40 pictures were uploaded to this album which you can view by clicking on this link :

A unique wedding ceremony

The wedding was held over 4 days:
  • Thursday – Traditional “geet gawaye” in which old ladies sing and dance
  • Friday – Tilak (Girl’s family go to boy’s house) and Haldi (or Saffran at night)
  • Saturday – Wedding (held at Girl’s place and groom taking the girl to his place)
  • Sunday – Chawtaree (Boy’s family bring the newly wed girl to her parent’s place and take her back)

Everything went on smoothly, except some rush on Friday nite. We welcomed more than 700 guests at our home and the place quickly became overcrowded, especially at the peak time. We ran out of space and some guests needed to wait for quite some time before being able to enjoy the “7 currys”.

We tried our best to make things move fast but we know that a few people were not able to have a complete “7-currys” Β on their banana leaf. But one thing for sure, everyone enjoyed this superb food. No one complained about the food, for all the mentioned days πŸ™‚

Playing the national anthem

Talking about good things, we did planned a few exceptional moments. For example : Since the wedding ceremony was held on the 12th March, the independence day of the Republic of Mauritius, we played our national anthem just before the wedding ceremony started. Have a look at the last few seconds on the youtube video :

New vid

Update 11 April 2011

I now have a longer video of the National anthem. Here it goes :

end of update
My cousins Deepa and Neha marched right in front of the guests waiving large flags while the DJ played the national anthem. Everyone stood up, smiling at this original idea. I think that all of us did feel proud upon this accomplishment.

Coming back to the “Saffran” on Friday nite, we had live performances of singers and dancers. At 11pm, we had more than 100 people enjoying the performances.

And on the Chawtaree, we had live karaoke. No comments.

The best for the end

And now, I am going to reveal something which will certainly surprise 90% of you…

During all these days, I received loads of messages and comments on Facebook. The number of Facebook likes grew with time. Everyone was congratulating Dhaneesha and myself for the wedding.

I really enjoyed reading all those comments and at each time, I smiled to myself because…

It was not my wedding, but that of my sister Dakshinee πŸ˜‰

Most of you have been pwned! haha lol

At no instant, I mentioned that I was the one getting married. All the pictures uploaded showed everything behind the planning and organisation, etc. Only a few friends (including some bloggers too) got the email invitation (with google maps indications) and knew exactly who was getting married lol

Happy married life to the newly wed couple!

20 thoughts on “Wedding celebrations over…

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  1. just one question, why you used vivaz pro for photos? it your sister weeding, important event!! Should used the DSLR Nikon D5000 dude for amazing shots.. cheers. Or you going to post them later? lolz


  2. Hello @dslr, nice question.

    Walking with the dslr is not a good idea, especially if you need to monitor everything to ensure that everything is going on smoothly. A photographer was hired, he knows his job better than me.

    Lastly, if I used only the D5000, you should have waited for me to connect the memory card, and upload the pics, while with the vivaz pro, I just shoot and upload with wifi πŸ˜‰


  3. That would be really really awkward for the groom to have time to blog and take pictures/upload facebook … during his own wedding. It had to be somebody else’s.


  4. Sorry I missed that event which clashed with another wedding I had to attend in my area. It looks like you had a better time than I did. I will not mention too many details but the only available drink I had was Chateau Pepsi. Serves me right for not going to Triolet.


  5. taa fit, en tou k moi mo ti fini think to p marier!!!

    dan mo le coeur mo ti p dir to ene grand hypocrite, to pne invite me mem to koner mo pa ti pou come!!! c l’attention ki compte!! mone re-ajoute toi lor mo guests list pou mo maryazzzzzzzz πŸ™‚


  6. Congrats, ti p douter pas to wedding, acoz to pas in invite moi. lol

    Bon ene question ki ns tout p envi coner la: quand to p marrier la toi ? ? ? xD


  7. It’s completely against the constitution of Mauritius to clap hands after the national anthem. If they don’t know, it’s forgivable for the first time, but this mistake should not repeat.


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