Di Baba

The title might not say anything to you, especially if you are not part of the hindu community. People of hindu faith pray some “god” who is commonly known as “di” or “dee”. From the little I know, the latter acts like a security guard(not like those here), looking after your property, house etc.

Unlike other gods, Di is the complete opposite when it comes to offerings. He is very easy guy. You need to shower some love to him, to show your respect and good faith towards him, on some regular interval. Let’s say monthly. But be careful, don’t forget him. You might have to pay for it later…

Yashvin, pages of my life

A piece of bread stuffed with fish (dipain sardine), some liquor (Rum will do), a cigarette, a candle and some respect. That’s all.

I guess that Di is somewhat like me, that’s why we get along so well 😉

Anyone wants to add something or perhaps provide us with more information? Thanks in advance.

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  1. apel sa “gran-dimoun” si me pa tromper … lol et si me pa tromper, avant boire ene zafer fort, abitier zette pou lii .. lol


  2. grand-dimoune couma le_voyageur in dire, c rien de plus ki veneration ban zafer occulte. envi conne plis lor la? demane ene pandit ou pretre, pena nanier bondier ladan. ok1 livre sacrée pena sa.


  3. There is something else which I think forms part of the occult practice of some people: Water bottles in front of front doors or front entrances. I saw these not only in Mauritius but in mainland Africa as well (Yeah I know Mauritius forms part of Africa).

    Once when I returned home, I saw a water bottle in front of my gate. I was so annoyed. I just drove my car over it. It exploded.
    I don’t know who dared putting this there but I guessed it must have been my (unknown) neighbour. There were always water bottles in front of his house.

    Should have called the Bureau and have Hellboy kick his ass.


    1. as far a si know, these bottles are placed to scare dogs.these bottles prevent dogs from coming to shit near your house. thats what i heard


  4. nous apel sa service grand dimune ek nous faire la priere pu li vey nous la cour bien et protege la famille. mais avec li, c comme si ene engagement ki to p prend ek bisin respecter. kuma tone ecrire dans l’article la, bisin respecter li sinon kave paye les pots kaC et c la meme chose ki mone tanD plusieurs fois et c kelke part vrai. a noter aussi ki si ene dimune ine decide pu faire service la ene fois par semaine ou ene fois par moi, li bisin continuer faire li sinon probleme.

    Lesser minds ou pas, ya bcp de famille ki faire sa ‘service la’ ek bcp prend sa serieusement.


  5. @Bernando: from wht i know, some of these water bottles are used to scare dogs from entering the designated perimeter. It does sometimes work but after a few weeks, the dogs get used to it.


  6. p.s:
    Make sure that you are having your browser’s encoding set to (Unicode (UTF-8) so that you get to read through the diacritical mark letters.

    Dear @Yashvin,

    Maybe the term “di baba” is not so familiar to me given that I am also a Hindu, and also more of a scholar to the same. But, however, from what I could figure out what you were trying to explain about that Security Guard you actually meant what is known as Pitá¹›.

    In Kreole, this is more commonly known and referred as your grand dimune – meaning someone from your clan who could necessarily be not restricted to only being someone as your grandfather, but can also be someone like your deceased uncle or anyone from your lineage who is still wandering around which is technically known as spirit in the West while as Pitá¹› in the East.

    Just for knowledge purposes, they are –

    merely spirits, forget alone God but are NOT even equivalent to something as angels (in the Vedic jargons, this is known as Devatā);
    usually worshiped during only the second-half phase of the waning moon transit which is also known as Kṛṣṇa Pakṣa on the day of Amāvāsya;
    referred and also known as Kūla Devatā meaning the deity presiding over your family;

    There is no such a thing as “di baba“, maybe it’s only a local colloquial or I think that’s how people from your family have been calling a deceased-someone, affectionately.

    Best Wishes,
    Anooj Muljee


  7. @Mike:

    @Anooj: tnx for that information. Could this be just another name for “gardien la cour” ?

    Yes. But as I formerly said, it could be usually any spirit guarding over. It can be both someone related or not related to you as well who may be living in your yard.


    While veneration of the family deity/deceased spirits is nothing new, what I don’t understand is this – why rum, dipain-sardines & a cigarette? 😐 ?

    Since it is believed that, old people, those who are deceased now used to have a certain like for stuff like cigarettes, rhum etc., hence we offer them something to their likes. Although technically, even if they can’t consume them, yet the action of offering stuffs of their likes please them. It shows your affections to them. Like, say, if someone despite the very fact that he does not smoke at all, yet he takes the pain to find one cigarette and offer it in the name of the deceased. If that is not affection, if I can put it that way, then what is it??

    A wandering spirit is believed to have been stucked, especially if the latter has been having a hard time to let go of his dear ones or even his possessions. Hence, for someone who have had a premature death, he is still confused thinking that maybe he is still amongst us till he realises that everyone is ignoring him. Of course we gonna ignoring such souls, after all, we can’t see them. Hence, they get are usually very pissed off. And in order to ensure that instead to experience their wraths we experience what they can offer on the good side, hence we try to make them happy with those venerations – after all they are elder to us.

    But people should also know that those things are VERY different to superstitions and facts should rather be demarcated from rumors.

    Best Wishes,
    Anooj Muljee


  8. Frankly speaking this make me laugh. I’m living Year 2011 and to those practicing this kind of rituals; I wonder which time are they living. Those believers are living the hearsay of old mind of people living under the illusion of spirit and occult.
    It all happen in the mind of people. It begin with a thought and then this thought implanted in the mind and once it is truly accepted by the subconscious mind it becomes a belief and the result is, it is manifested in reality.
    Let me point out that believing in such kind things and practicing upon it is another way torturing your true self. You have been created from the image of the Universal Intelligence (Almighty God) so just be your true nature. What matter is that just enjoy the bounties and blessings that are bestowed on you by Almighty God – The Universal Mind of Perfection; and be grateful when you see people not enjoying what you are enjoying presently. What comes across like “gardien lacour, di baba, offerings etc…these are just the plan of demons to divert you from your true being and to lure you against your true nature.
    Stop! Work up your mind and seek knowledge. The more you learn the more your mind broaden your science of understanding. Don’t let your mind to remain idle for an idle mind is the temple of the devil. Look ahead and think. Who am I? Is it what I’m doing is right or wrong? Should I continue with my present belief or there’s a need to change and reoriented my mind so that I can prosper.


  9. My dad does it too, grand dad did too, I have fellow young friends who do it as well – not me! What about the Hanuman on pedestal that Hindu keep next to their home? I think that should be better protection that Dee (yeah, non Hindu also do that service…)


  10. :@ toujour ban mauritian premier pu croire ban superstition, so bullshit!! apré zot rod fer pays progresser r ban mentalité cumsa!! super bullshit! :@


  11. Indeed bcp mauricien fer sa ek pas nek hindu mais ban muslim si fer sa.

    Moi mo conne sa par lapriere ‘grand dimoon’.

    Nu nu fer dipain sardine + cig ek rum ek labougie boo protege nu lakaze

    Ena dimoon fer sacrifice cok too.

    Ek ena dans ban lendroit banla fer sacrifice book poo protege ‘le village’.

    Yeps to ena raison si casse as la chaine la ena problem..
    Ive long time ago heard that a woman was like possesed by a spirit who was asking for these stuffs ~~Creepy na!! ~~


  12. well since i was a kid i saw dad do it.. and after him my elder bro used to do it… but nowadays mom does it.
    She even told me she feels his presence.. I personally have seen .. So all i’ll say felt his presence.. and i feel very much protected in my yard. For many of us.. its just a matter of belief and tradition. But if any of us feel they can’t respect then we should refrain from disrespecting it. 🙂


  13. @bhoot

    My dad does it too, grand dad did too, I have fellow young friends who do it as well – not me! What about the Hanuman on pedestal that Hindu keep next to their home? I think that should be better protection that Dee (yeah, non Hindu also do that service…)

    I am so digging into your last line 🙂 However, please let me indulge you.
    Agree, both the grand dimune and Hanuman serve as protectors or guardians. But the latter is of a much higher level hence more powerful given since it is a deity while the former being merely a spirit.

    Even śrī Gosvāmī Tulasīdāsa, the author of the Hanuman Calisā, mentioned about what Hanuman can do in the following on the 24th verse:
    bhūta pisāca nikaṭa nahiṃ āvai ।
    mahābīra jaba nāma sunāvai ॥24॥

    English Translation:
    With even the uttering of the name of the great warrior (Hanuman), be it ghosts (spirits who walk to you to exclusively to harm you, hence they are more referred as evil spirit), pisāca (a type of spirit which usually follows you when you are attracted to the latter. It is believed it can materialize your anything as long as you please the latter but otherwise it won’t ever leave you or won’t let you even be with whosoever except with the latter) are precluded from crossing your way.
    Source: Hanuman Calisā

    Also, maybe you have noticed maybe not, but Hanuman MahāvÄ«ra Svāmi (that’s how we usually refer to it) is installed in a particular direction. This is so because this deity is said to be a directional deity who wards off against the many type of spirits explained above in a particular direction. Hope this helps.

    Best Wishes,
    Anooj Muljee


  14. Funny how all the occults, pitiful stuff u mention about hinduism emanate from ur side/surroundings yashvin.

    Im unaware of this practise, even though i pray a lot. Should b some kind of practise common to the non praying ppl living around u ^^

    Surely, its an evening entertaining article


  15. @leomaster: Please do not talk about science and god as if you can believe in both. These are two extremely opposite things. One is hard fact the other is most likely fiction.


  16. tou sa dipain sardine, rhum sacrifice cok etc pareye couma ban zafer ban sorcier servi lor la croisee casse coco, coupe cok etc.
    si to zet 1 boute dipain lor sime, lisien pou manz sa, pareye si to zet dipain sardine dan 1 coin, to croire ban bon l’esprit p accepter sa?
    pa ene signe affection ki p offert sa, guet c ki yashvin in dire

    “You need to shower some love to him, to show your respect and good faith towards him, on some regular interval. Let’s say monthly. But be careful, don’t forget him. You might have to pay for it later…”

    ban grand parents in alle coumence ene zafer ki ban generation suivant pa kapav areter sinon malheur lor zot. to croire bon l’esprit, l’esprit bondier pou amen malheur lor to fami?? aret fer ban offrande ban l’esprit ki zot pa conner. pareye sak 2janvier, coupe licou bouc, verse disang. Okene hawan ou pooja jamais ti verse disang zanimo ou humain.

    mo ban grandparents ti p fer sa, moi mo fami mone areter ar sa. kifer?
    mone alle fer recherche pou truver ki li eter sa, kifer dimoune fer li. si ene dimoune fer sa, li bisin pa fer la priere dan mandir. li p couyonne liem ek commettre 1 sacrilege. kifer? parceki li p prier ram ek ravan en mem temp.

    ban pitr couma anooj in dire, banla ena 1 period kot fer zot la priere, apel sa pitr paksh, ou pitarpak. lezot offrande endehor sa period la initile. tou zafer kan coumence fer dan hindu, fer la priere ganesh, aret fer demagogie alle fer offrande ban zafer ki pa bisin.

    evoluer camarade, aret fer zafer ki ou pa comprend. si zot pa comprend kifer zot fer sa. Ban pretre/mawlana/pandit ki finn ariv lor 1 higher religious and spiritual state zot kapav trouve sa ban “gardien la cour” la ou mem ban l’ame ki promner partou. sa ban gardien la cour la zot fonctione dan fasson simple, si to donne li 1 zafer, 1 sacrifice (couma bouc 2janvier soit cok) zot corek, si to pa donne zot sa sacrifice la, zot pou retourne contre toi ek to famille ek prend 1 membre to famille couma sacrifice. pa le croire moi?? dire zot parents aret fer sa la priere la, zot pou gagne le preuve.

    sel fasson pou zot ban zenfant ek generation future evoluer ek areter ar sa c fer boku la priere.

    ena dimoune kapav croire ou kapav pa croire, mais nou vivre pareye couma dan fim “6th Sense”, nou pa tou sel ek nou pa trouve tou…


  17. @ yashvin

    “I guess that Di is somewhat like me, that’s why we get along so well ”

    be careful what you wish for. you believe or not, your wish will be granted….


  18. @akiavelic: “li bisin continuer faire li sinon probleme.”

    Wai. Parey couma moi: si mo pa faire 13.5 le-tour la-lang lor contour rond-point Wooton tou-lé 17 jours, la-terre pou arett tourner. Serious. Just look how the Earth is spinning nicely all this time: thanks to me… Eh, don’t laugh! Do you want me to stop?


  19. @Slayer:
    “ena dimoune kapav croire ou kapav pa croire, mais nou vivre pareye couma dan fim “6th Sense”, nou pa tou sel ek nou pa trouve tou… ”

    Wai do… samem ki’nn faire Boodhoo so loto brilé la…? 🙂


  20. @Slayer tone bien dir, if it can do bad if not respected, it should not even be worshipped in the first place. Everything associated with God never has a negative condition associated.

    Too bad @Torpedo doesn’t believe you… There are angels everywhere, you don’t need a spirit to help you. Proofs of God can be found if you look for them… Believe it or not… If you had told someone 200y ago that we’ll be able to talk over mobile phone, that’s the behaviour Torpedo is having today 😛


  21. It has been a while since you posted this, but somewhat i think i know from where Di/Dee Baba concept comes from. Before that, just too bad that some here are laughing/making fun at the beliefs of others, just because you do not believe in something does not mean that it does not exist.

    Now the real deal:
    Actually when the immigrants of Indian came to Mauritius, talking mostly of Hindus here, they used to almost only kalimais as places of worship, which are not really like the ones we have now but some are still visible[ very basic place of worship; 7 soeurs,no murti etc]. So at that time, these immigrants did not own the land and had to ask for permission to access the land. The real owners of the lands were the White Colons, so probably people who saw Dee Baba will tell you he is a white man all in white, make the link now.

    People had to ask permission from the Dee to access the premises of the kalimai of the village, so making him the guardian deity of the kalimai/village. When people started owning lands etc, the concept evolved to their own premises/yards for protection etc.

    There is another version(tamil one), so maybe different beliefs mixed at the time of immigration as well.

    Since the time of immigration up to now, slowly Mauritian Hinduism evolved to what we call ‘religion savante’.


    1. Hello dear,

      Happy to see some genuine information. Keep up your research work.

      I only wanted to highlight that
      Dee baba was never the white colons or the owner of land where kalimaye was set up.

      The white colons were given another name and in some kalimayes they may be present. But dee baba is definitely not the white colon.


  22. hi i made some research about the dee baba in question and found that it is no grand dimoune or gardien lacour or aguy emba la boutique. he is a form of shiva like veerbhadra, or kaal bhairava. he is one of the muni. he is referred to in india as sangani muni. vedic offerings to him can be veggies and fruits and tantric offerings rum cigarettes and fish. most hindus and many others pray to him to guard their boundaries from malefic forces.


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