Une vue a faire vomir [Caudan]

Ces photos m’ont été envoyés depuis quelques jours déja . Elles ont été prises aux abords de Caudan/Port Louis Waterfront par Asmi :

Yashvin, pages of my life

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  1. A real pity 😦 … is tat a dOg swimming or floating (as in dead) in one of those picz? I dont understand how hard it is for people to use the bin ??? it’s not rocket science,is it ??? …n wot’s the property manager doing?? it aint just a lil invisible crack in the wall or a scratch on the door that the concerned authorities cant see or something that they can overlook…they gotta clear this mess up…what a sad world ….


  2. Not a pretty sight, especially in a very tourist area. I hope the authorities will take action to clean up. However, there remains the problem of the public not caring for cleanliness in this beautiful island. While driving around, I have seen people throwing rubbish out of car windows. Also, in my area people throw bottles, cans, packets in a public passage. We have also had a group of youngsters stop right in front of our house and throw all their picnic rubbish in the road after coming back from a day at the seaside. It is not a question of awareness but a question of caring….. and some don’t!


  3. @Mike–> I’ve seen that. Specially at UOM. Where the youngsters just throw papers, cans, ect where they are. They don’t even try to go to the bins even if the bins are just infront of them.

    @Yashvin–> That EPIC view has been there since months.


  4. Whose to be blamed ?! you already know the answer…
    This will never change, until we have a different mind set in this country.


  5. Bravo Dodoland!

    Mettre tes ordures à la face du monde, sur une de tes plus belles esplanades, il n’y a qu’à Dodoland que ça se fait…

    Sometimes, I wish Prakash’s beliefs could give him some superpowers so that he could pick up the litter thrown outside bins by each and everyone and put these same litter in the bed of the respective throwers… hehhe… too bad there superpowers don’t exist however many prayers he can make…

    This is Caudan, and everyone seems shocked. No need to look that far, Yashvin: watch for what (and how much of junk) is left alongside our roads in the wake of the Maha Shivaratree pilgrims these days, then you’ll get an idea of how clean our peuple admirable can be when they are in flocks… Just like in the pictures showing the Cavadee pilgrims getting a free and unpunished splash on the asphalt the other day…

    Dodoland: blind, deaf and insensitive to basic things like cleanliness and respect for others.

    Who said “shit country”?


  6. Thinks its SPDC who is in charge of all waterfronts in Mauritius. They even have a political nominee as Director and they are located just next to Port Louis waterfront. 😉


  7. dimoune la ville dir ki bans dimoune villaz pena manir ek arrierer ek mo penC dimoune la ville em pa civilizer.

    btw avant bhoot ti p comment lo to blog, aster p truv bhooks…lol


  8. @Yasir:
    Uh oh… pa cwar ki dans la ville pena dimoune arriéré, ek pa cwar ki zis dans vilaz ki ena dimoune ki avancé. Couma ou capav dir ki c zis Port-Louisien so déchets ça? 🙂 C’est plitot enn contribution accumulée de TOUT bann inconscients-égoïstes, ki li dans la-ville ou vilaz, tous coupables!

    Swimming? Oh no my darling, just floating there, dead… Just like the one at the top right corner: pas enn (gros) lé-rat ha?

    By the way: photo#4 – have you seen the big black cables laid running there: is this another example of professionals failing to do their work properly? Securing them in some kind of trunking whasoever was not in their plans, why expose it to the extreme conditions prevailing on that waterfront…? Who cares: they’re waiting for a casualty to happen for acting, right?

    Pou bann ki trouve ha-bann photo-la degoutant, essaye imprime zott ek posté zott dans zott biro and check the reactions…


  9. purééééé t’es sérieux là yash :O …. c’est atroce! quand tu repars à Caudan … tu nous diras si la situation a évolué …. franchement dégueulasse ya un rat ou koi sur la première photo beurkk


  10. @Nazira:
    Il y un chien maron-pâle presqu’au milieu de la première photo.
    Sur la même photo, il y a aussi un rat gris-noir en haut à droite.

    Drain problem: not really. It’s a bit like GIGO – garbage in, garbage out. Whatever you let into them, they’ll convey if properly designed/sized and constructed, else, they get clogged and they choke. That mass of debris and garbage got conveyed down to where they are now because the drains must have actually been properly made: they have conyed everything without getting clogged! 🙂
    So, the root-cause of the problem is the contribution of every single person who thought “enn boutey-la ki capave faire ça, pas pou arrive nargnié…”
    Abé apré, zott-mem pou dire: heh, guette ça enn-koutt non, bann sovaz-la pa conne nettoyer / pa conné ki vé-dire poubel?
    Paress mental/physik, problème d’éducation/civisme/attitude/mentalité, you may add to this list…


  11. I know what happened to the rat! (Story)

    The rat (on the 1st picture) was taking a stroll at Caudan, breathing the good air… when it saw the dead dog as FOOD!

    Lizier gro ventre tipti, le rat ine sott dan dilo (pareil kouma kan ena dimoune trouve l’or).

    Result =>> The rat is also dead.

    Also, I am able to see like 2 rats on the 1st photo, am I right?


  12. 1st of all the “narrow minded people” who go there litter everywhere,,so why to blame the authority???There is dustbin everywhere why don’t they show some manners…If Caudan Waterfront had an entry fee then I totally agree that the authority should react but here it MAINLY concern the people visiting caudan then comes the authority…When you’re pointing one finger at the authority,three of your fingers are pointing towards you…Well frankly speaking the pre-primary children have more manners,learn from them…


  13. Dear Yash, after going through your blog, i now realised why you hate Caudan Waterfront and all the security guards etc…it’s because you’ve had a very tough time the last time with them for the correction they give you for the bad things you had come to do there in caudan and you were caught red handed…REMEMBER! 1st you blamed the security guard for scratching a so said car, now you take pictures of the dirty stuffs that came from the freeport after several days of rain and bad weather…I mean grow man, please grow…what do u gain by saying these things…u make me laugh! Plus for your info, I am a girl, and i dont work for caudan security…cheers and be a man if you aren’t one yet!


    1. @Sasha : I have been pretty deceived by you. I will be brief : Should you have paid notice to the dates that the articles have been published, you would have saw that the rubbish in the port is completely unrelated to the scratching of the car at the shopping complex.

      Anyway, thank you for your time, despite it is not always a pleasure to receive such comments from people who don’t have good reading skills.

      btw, why do you need to say that you are a girl? I simply don’t care.


      1. Hey yash, I know since when these articles have been published but dommage that i came upon them just yesterday else…thank god u’r blog is not full with my comments only ! N yeah, whether u care about who I am or not, I dont give a damn, just so u realise that your blog is all about criticizing your own country when u should not actually. Others may like your blog, well there are who does not. That’s what is upsetting!

        Plus i see u’ve got to improve YOUR READING SKILLS, coz the two stuffs i wrote about are way worlds apart…its not related at all.

        Pff…anyway, why lose time with little boy who got nothing else but to criticize his own country! Best of luck for your career, IF YOU’VE GOT ANY!


      2. Yeah nothing against you personally dear but your way of criticizing…just not nice. Hope I don’t come upon your blog again, just don’t want to even though u think I am perfect, nobody is, you are not, I am not but still needs to improve to the better not the worst. Cheers! And best of luck, sincerely!


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