Getting a EWF loan approved, a pain in the ass!

I was so irritated today!

I needed to apply for an educational loan, and I chose the one offered at Employees Welfare Fund (EWF), because for the amount I was looking for, if offers the lowest interest rate, i.e 5%.

My mum gathered all the information needed over the past few weeks and we had all our documents ready, at least, we thought we had everything. We also had to look for 2 guarantors, who work in the public sector (Required as per loan conditions). pff.

Damn, I work in a private company, it was really difficult to find these 2 persons, but I finally got 2 volunteers. Why do they need such conditions? Don’t they have faith in employees from private companies?

They had to provide some confidential data about them ; payslip, birth and marriage certificates, proof of address, identity cards etc. We got everything photocopied, for most of them. I took all those documents and went to the EWF office, found in Moorgate House, Sir William Nandos Street, Port Louis.

Being there for the first time, I took the wrong lift, the one dedicated to staff but the persons in the lift were kind enough to let me use it. Once in front of the agent, she politely asked me for the required documents. I had most of them, but still, I lacked a few of them. She told me that I needed to bring new birth certificates.

WTF? I already had the new A4 formats of the birth certificates. You know, the dull printed one (btw, the old and large one was so much more pleasing.)  She insisted that they needed a recently issued birth certificate.

To the people who take the decisions : How damn does it affect you if my birth certificate has been issued 2 months ago or 4 months ago?

As far as I know, it is not like a morality certificate! On the top of that, I needed to make my kind guarantors to apply for new birth certificates too! Outraged, I tried to remain calm. I left their office calmly and took a final decision : No need to take any loan there, you bloody s*ckers!

I did not went go there to beg for money!

I was going to pay you your full amount + interest!

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  1. now, disons to ti ena tous to ban documents even the new birth certificates,to penser end of ur problems ???

    just ask ban student ki abroad ek ki ti apply pu sa loan la !!!

    Zot pas deblock largent la pas avant 2 3 jours avant to parti :@ :@


  2. Enough of complaining! You are lazy! The lady kindly asked you to bring new documents. Just do what she asked for! Move your sorry fat lazy butt! Now shake it! Good!


      1. by the way, don’t you think its such a waste of resources??  Imagine I get my birth certificate issued for watever reasons and 6 months later for another administrative reasons, I have to issue another one??  Has anything changed since the past 6 months??  All my details are still the same there….if am not mistaken!!! pffft


  3. LOL. Glad to know I am not the only person to find EWF loan a pain in the ass. . In mine, I had every documents, but still each time I went there, they always found out something to be missing.


  4. OMG! I can’t believe it! Well, yes I can, after living here almost 8 years! Why can’t they accept a birth certificate even if it is not issued the same day as you apply for a loan?! It’s all nonsense! Yes, and why does it have to be guarantors from the public sector? Does it mean those in private sector is not to be trusted?! I have been through quite a lot since I settled here, and I still can’t believe it has to be as it is! It is just like they find pleasure in people running around like crazy for certain papers! I should not tell you what I had to run for – when all papers for settling here were ticked – and I though I had all papers!
    Best wishes for getting a loan somewhere else!


  5. But to think about it… 5% compared to 10% makes a lot of difference when you’re taking a loan! Wouldn’t Rs 50,000 savings that be worth the pain? (well we need to calculate actually… PMT function in Excel)

    EWF behaves like the public sector 😛 But hey, at 5% they’re not making much money…


  6. as far as i know, the new format of the birth certificate is update wit various of your official information and it even includes if you are amrried or single, ( as sometimes married people boast themselves as single – to avoid legal requirement ) so i think its in the interest of one and all, that the EWF is taking minitious care in handling our tax contributions.


    1. Hello @Keemesh.

      We have 2 formats of the birth certificate ; the Old wide one and the new one, printed on a A4 paper. There are none other than these 2 and I already presented the A4 format one yesterday. Still, they need a recently printed one LOL, why? No idea.

      In case I was married, it was also specified that I should bring my marriage certificate. So, it does not make sense for me to bring only my birth certificate in case I was married.


  7. mone pren loan labas yash avant mo kit maurice. banla ti bien helpful et li en faveur employe gouvernement parski a la base mo croire ti faire pou zot sa. en tout cas moi mo trouve so systeme bien bon, avantageux avec so taux interet et en plus sa clause ki si dimoun ki pren loan la mort a sum is automatically written off. enfin moi mone satisfait anyway etpas seulement moi. en passant mo still amazed ki ena encore dimoun ki pena zot birth certificate in A4 format.


  8. by the way, concerning the comment of someone above talking of students abroad. mo loan ti paret bien en avance, mo ti explik zot mo probleme banla mariiiii understanding et compatissant. et aussi my beloved SBM ki encore ene fois ti bez moi dan lerreur akoz zot pas kmpren ki apel ene letter.. morpa ine diman fam la si li envi li draft lettre la pou li si jamias li pas kner ki apel ene letter. et akoz SBM sollicitor pane kave faire so trtavail a temps et EWF ti p nek atane sa.


  9. Mayb the day you are born will change in the new birth certificate. or mayb your parents name can change. lol.. thats why they are emphasizing on new one.
    pareil pu to bane garanti.. ki koner 1 ti mal declarer ladan. lmao.

    sinon 1 tips si tone envie prnd 1 nissa: go again with same documents and this time deal with another officer. chances are you now hav documents in excess 😛


  10. Actually, it is of no fault of theirs.
    There is a law that states that one’s brith certificate is to be renewed every 3 months. Now, it isnt necessary for you to renew it every 3 months but only whenever you are going to use it for something important(ie not when buying something on credit or anything).

    Loans, applying for ID, passport; for all that the birth certificate has to be renewed each time in case the certificate is older than 3 months.

    First I had only heard about this requirement until a friend of mine that is going to turn 18 in a few weeks was told that he has to renew his birth certificate and do so every 3 months…


  11. “Damn, I work in a private company, it was really difficult to find these 2 persons, but I finally got 2 volunteers. Why do they need such conditions? Don’t they have faith in employees from private companies?”
    Alle demann ça bann dimoune ki (enkor) envie marier zott tifi prioritariement ar fonctionnaire. You’ll be astonished how many people still with that kind of mentality and believe in hitting gold when having a civil servant as son-in-law… Non, en fait, c’est enn statistique ki montrer ki ena extra tigitt chance ki enn fonctionnaire perdi travail, et donc ou bann guarant c’est bann guarant de premier choix (enn mari deal) pou bann banquiers-rentiers ki ena ici dans Dodoland.

    “To the people who take the decisions : How damn does it affect you if my birth certificate has been issued 2 months ago or 4 months ago?”
    Parski tention ou “social status” (read: dead, alive, married, divorced, etc) inn changer within the past 3 months.

    “I did not went there to beg for money! I was going to pay you your full amount + interest!”
    As far as I know, it’s grammatically correct to say “I did not GO there …” Isn’t it, Mike? 🙂

    Now about the subject of your question: samem ki appel LAZY BANKING ça! Imagine (touss dibwa avant!) enn malerr arriver ki empess ou paye loan-la, abé ki arrive zott? Zott ramass PLEIN TANK: ou l’assurance ou-bien ou bann guarants bizin paye dans ou place, si ena kit asset ou’nn donné, ça oussi aller… Zott ena pliss envie ki arrive ou enn malerr ki ou paye ou loan carré-carré! Ces salauds de vampires!!

    Hein, enn ti-nissa mo prend ar ou: ou pé trouve EWF difficile? Alle essaye Èss-bé-èm, ou beu-arr-klééz, lerla nou kozé…


  12. ca ce vraie moi aussi fine passe dan meme situation, its really ‘a pain in the ass’, e finalement i paid my further studies myself, its a bit difficult but i managed it. Good of luck man


  13. mo ti pou manz so lavi pou koné kifr li bizin seki pli récent! Dapré lord li finn per tansion to finn amenn enn lot dimounn so birth certificate.. Mé to ti ena to ID card avek twa.. Verdict: Fam la enn conne ki konn zis suive lord bann cons!


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