No, your Facebook password won’t turn into stars!

This post is based on a real and recent story, and to share that that experience, I was requested to write on this. Everything started with a Facebook comment by one of my virtual friends, whom I will name [Friend1] :

For those who came across such status messages, we all know that it is a joke.

Typing your password into the comments box will NEVER turn it into *stars*. It is simply a hoax that lives in the virtual wild wild web 😛

Just for the fun, I added a comment :

A few minutes after, despite knowing that this is a joke, one person, [Friend2], really entered his real password and pressed on the submit button.

Real-time notifications

I was instantaneously notified by those *small annoying* boxes which appear at the bottom left of your facebook screen. I rushed to open the page and I could clearly read the password, which of course, was not encrypted with *stars*.

A few seconds later, a new mail showed up into my email inbox. That was an email notification for the same action carried out above. Some people might not know, but Facebook actually emails the comment to everyone who previously commented on the same status message [Configurable from your account settings]. So, everyone on the thread received the password in their inbox too. (in fact, I modified all the screenshots in this post to show only the necessary data)

So, even if the persons [Friend1] or [Friend2] deleted the comment some milliseconds after the submission, you still receive the mail.

This mail is very useful in some cases, especially when people delete comments during the course of a discussion. A few months ago, some admin of a group frequently deleted comments in a thread either because he/she realised that what the latter said was simply nonsense or to erase any tracks of the baseless allegations and personal attacks he/she made. Many people are already aware of these hot discussions in which I am often involved, I might expose them later on to prove a few things. Keep coming here 🙂


Coming back to the topic…

Since [Friend2] has typed his real password onto a publicly available space, I do not believe that ‘hacking’ is the word to be used if you log into that person’s account using the information that has been submitted by the user.

The simple fact that the person, [Friend2], has acknowledgedly published this password onto a public area can be very dangerous. Anyone could have deactivated his account, changed the email address of his facebook account, read personal messages in the inbox.

The worst thing is that the person, [Friend3], who accessed the account of [Friend2] could have played the game very wisely. How? Simply by behaving as if nothing has happened. Being sure of themselves, [Friend1] and [Friend2] both believe that no one have possibly read the password as they deleted it instantaneously. At that moment, no one guessed that the password was sent by mail.

I decided to publish this story to inform everyone about the following points :

  1. NEVER type your password anywhere
  2. AVOID typing your password on public computers or on anybody’s else computers. Programs known as key loggers can be installed without your knowledge. These software spy on every keystroke you make, i.e, every key pressed on the keyboard is recorded and can be accessed by the person who installed it.
  3. NEVER publish anything that you don’t want other people to view.
  4. NEVER delete comments. You must assume everything once you said it. If no, just shut up your mouth!
  5. And of course, passwords do not magically turn into stars 🙂

Take care of your passwords and bon weekend!

13 thoughts on “No, your Facebook password won’t turn into stars!

Add yours

  1. nice one!

    Many ppl claim their account was hacked,when they actually invite others to do so. B careful on the web,for stars,lucky winnder lots dont exist as such 😛


  2. i doubt facebook does that, i guess they’re third party applications .. many like certificates from facebook, top friend followers, and many many other are a potential source of virus (experienced that myself) .. heard that the best way to avoid the virus is to untag yourself as soon as you can,, sometimes there are also private messages that are being sent automatically without the sender knowing :S .. jus mark the message as read or delete it, opening it causes computer crash :S .. without forgetting STUPID FACEBOOK QUIZZES AND APPLICAtIONS .. lol ..

    to all people out there, beware, facebook’s no more a simple social network but a place for viruses ..


  3. Yash, I see you didnt mention that Friend3, even knowing that the password was not posted on purpose…used the password to access the account of Friend2 and posted something very very annoying on Friend2’s wall so that all his friends could see that he was a moron etc…!!! And then, used this stupid act as an excuse for not “hacking” Friend2’s account!!!! LOL


  4. @Sweta, how would Friend3 know that the password was not posted on purpose? The status message of Friend1 clearly says “You can type your Facebook password…”.

    After some thought, should not we blame Friend1 here? He/She is the one who was trying to fool people by posting these kind of statements.
    And blame Friend2 for believing what Friend1 said, without thinking about the consequences?
    Finally, blaming Friend3 to read and use a password posted on his home page and sent through mail to him?


  5. Friend1 is a joke.
    Friend2 is indeed a moron. So no worries if his friends are made aware of this. :p
    Friend3 was cool not to do stuff with that account.. hmm let me think like selling it on


  6. I think this is just a joke! :p The joke gets better when some other friend deliberately puts ********* just for fun, and the dumb ones think that it is actually working.

    BUT BEWARE!!! Accounts on FB are being hacked everyday! The other day I got a msg in the chat box from a good friend, telling me (in creole) that my profile pic is being used by someone else on FB and that I should report it, and that he is sending the link to me via email…Fortunately, the email was well filtered by Gmail as spam,.. nevertheless I opened it, and I found a link with a resemblance to a normal FB link…I opened the link(no need to fear, having ESET Smart Security installed first).. and then I got a window, a fake facebook login page! :p ..Well done spammers! I put some creole swear words in the email field…and more swear words in the password field… I think that spammer (or hacker) got the msg…

    This is alarming, bkz this is done by Mauritians hackers! SO!!! Beware when you get chat msgs form your friends! Even if they write in creole! Their accounts may have been hacked!


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