Infozen, the worst mcb tv show of 2010

After the Star’s Person of the year 2010 given to Navin Ramgoolam, I officially announce that Infozen is the Worst show I saw on the national television during the year 2010, of course, from my point of view.

This post is especially for the Infozen team, whether technicians, hosts or management. Thanks to the useless new year’s eve tv schedule on MBC, I was compelled to watch the Infozen broadcast of tonight.

Let’s begin. The Infozen graphics team (as well as the whole MCB graphics dept) have always tried to keep updated by learning new video ”techniques’.

Tonight, we could visualise one of their new ‘effects’ which consisted of mirroring part of what was on the screen. Below, they mirrored the person who was talking. They even played with the ‘mirrored’ image, forgetting about ratios etc. (Sorry for the bad shot, it could have been worst if I missed it lol )

I simply can’t understand why they don’t keep things simple? Always putting fancy things here and there. Just to show that they succeeded in adding something new to the Mauritian tv, they use the same fancy thing abundantly, without any control!

Next, the technicians did something that has once again put the show to shame.

The scene is as follows :

Hosts talking in the background while video camera is filming them from a distance. And the worst part, you can see some kind of wheel which is (manually) driven in between the hosts and the camera. To give you a better idea, the wheel is rotated in front of the camera and you are supposed to put your eyes on test while trying to capture what’s behind the rotating wheel.

Damned! Is this thing supposed to enhance anything from the viewer’s point of view?

Finally, they boasted about their great rally which they organised a few months ago. Yeah, do you remember? The same show on which I blogged, as a regular road user. No? To recap, there were civillians dressed with fluorescent police jackets giving stopping cars and giving signals on roads and also, some stupid driver (Car License No# : J2222, hi to the driver!) who recently got his driving license (Someone said that in the comments) and yet, he is already showing off on the roads without applying the basics which he learnt. #FAIL to the organising team for letting such inexperienced drivers and letting anyone control road traffics during a road show!

Just sit down and enjoy their show (which might be available from their web site).

To sum up, INFOZEN is just a bunch of amateurs, watched by Mauritians just to kill time.

With these words, I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 and hope that the national television will improve and really entertain us. MBC should not be the “Default” television channels driven by politics but it should be The TV Channels chosen by Mauritians.

Dear friends, I heartily thank you for being here! For those who haven’t joined the blog’s facebook fan page, go on! You are on one of the most popular blogs of the island, thanks for your participation!

Bye Bye 2010, Cheeeeeeeerssssss!

23 thoughts on “Infozen, the worst mcb tv show of 2010

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  1. quand sa l’emission la ti coumancer was great, gradually it faded away, host became very amateur, the dj changed, i really liked the first couple of epidodes because it was something new but nothing is constant and everything changes,, it changed, from best to worst, >.<"

    enfin mbc reste MBC ..


  2. Me too, I watched Infozen since nothing else good on any TNT channels. Hopeless is the word. I doubt if any young people were watching anyway so it was just to fill-in the channel time slot. Oh well, that’s it for 2010 so what do we have for 2011?? ZAP, ZAP, ZAP, ZAP….


  3. Their graphics team really are amateur.. I couldnt agree more.

    The intro for the star2010 programs were so… ‘3D-golden-shiny-embossed-rotating’ :S That was the trend in pre-2005 era style. Post-2008 its more clean-sharp textures. They just don’t get it! I cant understand why!

    The word is Amateur. You rightly said.


  4. Finally!
    I thought I was the only “zen” hating the show. The worst thing is those over-excited teens who think they are so cool and hip. Surely real teens are not like that.

    Another thing is that animator’s (can’t remember her name) voice. It’s terrible! Somebody give her speech courses because she sucks. She doesn’t speak, she shouts and it’s really annoying.


  5. @Hejmal : no, you are not the only one. mauritians tend to accept things so easily without expressing their thoughts n ctitics.

    Welcome to dear!


  6. hehe …was waiting for someone to show the uselessness of that show :

    Zot amateur dan zot Producttion techniques mais aussi Niveau contenu zot mari… kuma dir… Kuma dir mane “”Moralist Mauricien”” ….

    avek zot bane slogan : Protegeons L’envirronment ,Pas bon Bwoir ek fimer…

    Pir zot ena 1 follow up lor facebook tou …presque tous bane dan mo laz ine catch up ar “the fad,the hype”…hihi


  7. Can’t we have our own tv channel??? ppfff…. a quand liberalisation des ondes! ayo wai pa pu ena sa coz PM pa pu kapav fer so acteur (vilain!!!) lor l’écran…personne pa pu guet!




    kot info la ladan??? c juste ene ban imbecilité ki zot envi montrer…distorted facts etc…

    pfff!!!! grave sa pays la!


  8. *sigh* I barely watch MBC anyway… hopefully, this new year will bring some positive change! =)
    Happy New Year 2011!! ^_^


  9. I havent watched infozen, jst few excerpts.

    my views on it?? It looks average as all the local programs MBC producing nowadayz. When i watch MBC, I see a television channel of 10-15 years ago. Looks like one of the less developed african country’s television.

    1. Presentators/host are not telegenic (I dont think in MRU they recruit based on looks, rather using political connection/*backing* as criteria).

    2. Presentators/host not recruited for having “radiophonic” voice, some have awful voices, loud & iritating, not well trained.

    3. the graphic/artistic look is very poor and amateurish. Is there a person responsible for this aspect there?

    4. Program concepts are equally poor, year in year out we witness same concept singing competition shows (mostly indian section), a singer sings a same song 10,000 times up to the “FINAL”. Not to say we listen to same song each year over and over. I wonder how the judges mark the performances of same songs each year.

    5. Seriously whats the use of having so many channels with so much crappy stuff running on and on

    actually there are so many negative aspects to talk about our “National Television”….

    Personally i find the paying Rs 100 on your CEB bill to MBC arbitrary because you dont have a choice. You have to pay by default for something which is aired freely.

    it seems that for our national television mediocrity and amateurism is their standard of excellence….

    sadly though, its not only television, we as “le peuple admirable mauricien” accept mediocrity from these institutions for so long that they eventually adopt it as their level best standard….


  10. Its easy to criticize but I don’t think you would do any better given the same resources.

    Its great to voice out your concerns but labeling a show as the worst of 2010 is little bit harsh. What if someone from nowhere labeled you as the worst software engineer of 2010?

    They deserve credit for coming up with a local production in an environment dominated by foreign productions with unlimited budgets. Big up for em.


    1. @Kailash : Sorry, but turning a wheel in front of the camera has nothing to do with resources. Nor a mirrored effect which does not make any sense.
      These are simply the ‘creativity’ skills of the ppl working there.


  11. Interesting topic. As I can recall, I think I watched a few minutes of the first Infozen, not my thing. I hardly watch TV here, what is it to watch? How many times do you want to watch the same film over and over again?! Perhaps this is a bit out of the topic; why on earth do American films have to be dubbed in French?? English is still the official language, isn’t it? It’s a real turn-off when Clint Eastwood etc “speaks” French, isn’t it?


  12. @Kailash..typical mauritian stereotype comment which accepts mediocrity:

    “Its easy to criticize but I don’t think you would do any better given the same resources.”

    of course yashvin or even i wouldnt do any better with same resources, why?? because we are not professionals in audiovisual field!!! THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE PROFESSIONAL ONES IN THAT FIELD. we ppl are here are not “professionals” in the audiovisual sector BUT YET CAN POINT OUT THE GLITCHES AND NEGATIVE SIDES. If THEY as professionals cannot see same then maybe they shouldnt be in that place to begin with. Every self respected professional should have a level of auto-criticism. They clearly dont.

    Si mo alle dan to logic, kan nou pa content ene fim, directeur fim la ti bisin dire nou eh b tourne fim la tomem.

    “What if someone from nowhere labeled you as the worst software engineer of 2010?”
    If yashvin is a respected professional, he surely has a standard in his job. Evryone sets a standard in his/her job he/she does. Now if mediocrity is your level of excellence, you shouldnt be surprised to be labelled worst in that particular field. And if your standards are up to professional level, there is no chance at all your peer professional fellows label u as worst.

    “They deserve credit for coming up with a local production in an environment dominated by foreign productions with unlimited budgets. Big up for em.”

    wadire p ecoute dialogue to dire 1 dimoune ki perdi 1 le course:
    L’important c pa de gagner mais de participer…


  13. @Astrid bit off topic but i agree with u. Thats a reason y school kids have trouble with english language. Hollywood flicks not broadcasted in original version.


  14. @Observer

    I agree to the fact that we should not accept mediocrity. But one thing that really alarmed me was the fact the author labeled the show as “worst mbc tv show of 2010”. It clearly is the personal opinion of the author, which he has every right to express. But what if someone based on their own opinion comes up with a post “Yashvin, the worst software engineer of 2010”? (Which personally I am sure he is not). What impact could that have?

    Agreed we pay for the content produced by the MBC and we are not to accept mediocrity. But my point is the way we express ourselves can be damaging. Had I been in a position of a decision maker at the MBC and read the opinions expressed on this blog post, I would have killed the show. Where would we stand then?

    Infozen and other local productions deserves credit for existing. They are far from being perfect but they are here. Its not only about winning, sometimes its also about being present and fighting against all odds even if you only have a broomstick for weapon.

    We all know the constraints of the MBC, I think that it is not a question of creativity since I believe we do not lack creative people in Mauritius. Its something else.

    Speaking of stereotypes I believe many in Mauritius find it hard to acknowledge effort. Maybe it is human nature after all, we always want more and easily point fingers. Its easy to stamp ‘FAIL’ on someone’s forehead.


  15. but one question: can u improve without trying? You improve from errors and through feedback…

    so i hope they read from your feedbacks here so that they can improve; but at least they are trying.


  16. kifer zot pas guet canal sat trankil?? pas vine dire moi “wer to krwar tout dimoun ena cash bblabla” pas kumadir li mari cher sa g***t la.. pou aler meme plaigner mbc x..mbc y.. mo kmouad voy merde. deja ene zafe rnou en avance lor dr house compared to tf1: / pour moi ca ti enough et si sel raisn mo ti p switch to mbc dan mardi…b kan pas kntan simple sa..pas gueT

    oh yeah forgot redevance Rs100(si li encore pareil)..boohooo boohoo


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