Navin Ramgoolam, STAR’s Person of the year 2010

Just heard on the MBC news bulletin : The “STAR”, a Mauritian newspaper *yeah, it exists* has selected Navin Ramgoolam as the Person of the Year 2010.

From what I heard (correct me if I am wrong), 10,000 copies of the “Star” are issued weekly. I wonder how I never heard anything (important) published on this paper.

My personal opinion :

Having Reza Issack in the newspaper’s team (Director of publication?) raises several questions about his influence and also about the neutrality of the newspaper as well. You like it or not, his presence there automatically changes things in the daily running of the paper as well as in the nomination.

For those who can’t see the link, Reza Issack is not only an active member of the Labour Party but he was also going to participate in the 2010’s general elections but could not do so because of health problems.

ps : Since this might be the last post of 2010. I thank all of you for your support throughout the year. Looking forward to see you here more often. Happy New Year!

Coming back to the topic, I would now like to know what you think about this announcement…

11 thoughts on “Navin Ramgoolam, STAR’s Person of the year 2010

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  1. Well I have been thinking very hard about this. Being totally impartial and completely neutral, I venture to say that the award should have gone to Yashvin Awootar for his services to hot-blogging and blogging in general. Therefore, the Star award to politicians is hereby revoked as this can be construed as being the corruption of a person in official office.
    I rest my case you honour.
    Happy New Year.


  2. Rien à dire de negatif, Couma MBC passer, mo pou dire: “oui, bien bon, mo mari content, li mem ki ti merite sa prix-la…”
    Tention enn agent NSS trackdown mo e-mail address, remonte mo trace, trouver kott mo rester, pister mo bann fami ki fonctionnaire ek faire freeze zott (hypothetical) promotion pou faire zot paye le prix de mon insolence… Who knows? Koumsa-mem ki gagne omerta, la loi du silence…


  3. At the time of writing, Reza Issack has been nominated as a ‘Best Loser’ for No. 19 – Labour. In a phrase ‘Star’ is a ‘lagazette sifon bleu’!


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