Translation #FAIL or a mischief?

After a hot and long blog discussion since the last days, here’s a much more relaxing (and funny?) blog post. The image below was submitted by one of my colleagues who shot this at a hypermarket in Mauritius.

For the group of people who did not notice anything strange : The hypermarket opens at 9am for those understanding French while it opens at 6am for those speaking english.

Update :
Our friends “S” and “Eddy Young” have found another glitch in the shot. In english, the hypermarket closes on Thursdays, while in english, it closes down on fridays lol!

What do you think?

13 thoughts on “Translation #FAIL or a mischief?

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  1. LOL, Well us English folks are up earlier in the morning…. no seriously the number 9 has been turned upside down.. I hope the staff are not confused!


  2. I think it was someones mischief…
    U can see ‘M’ from Moday and ‘Y’ from Friday disappeared.
    proof – everything in red seems to be in italics… but the 6 goes the other way… lol


  3. “onday to Frida
    6.00am to 8.00pm”
    Ki supermarché hypermarché ha? Ouvert 6-zerr dimatin, ena zébé la…
    Dommage ki sa forme de “defacing”-la enn tipé idiot ek li pa amenn okenn part, par contre, si zott ti enn tiginn “malin” coumha, la mo ti pou applaudi…


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