Kharmas : inauspicious period of the hindu calendar

I feel that I may get a shower of hatred after this post.

*Take a deep breath*… and here goes the article :

Defining Kharmas

In the indian culture, Kharmas is some kind of event (or whatever), during which hindus DO NOT start anything new in their life or make the first step during this same period. Let me explain :

  • No purchasing of cars, land or any other asset
  • No construction of houses, unless the building process has already been initiated before that period. It may be anything like purchasing of raw materials, laying the first stone etc
  • No weddings/engagements or any other prayers

In short, this period is considered as unfavorable and unlucky. Anyone going against these run the risk of being ill-omened. The following date periods were/are considered as inauspicious for 2010 :

  • 16 Dec 2009 – 14 Jan 2010
  • 15 Mars – 14 April 2010
  • 16 Dec 2010 – 14 Jan 2011 (hehe, only a few days left!)

Just try to recall and see for yourself… I am sure that you did not (and will not) attend any weddings/engagements etc during these periods. Despite I do not really follow any rituals/culture, it was a headache for me while planning my engagement earlier. I had to please everyone after-all.


Very often, I amuse myself (and others) about the endless possibilities that should be avoided during this “Kharmas” period. I will quote a few of them :

  • Do not plan to have or deliver any kids (lol, tight timing)
  • No car washing/No house cleaning LOL
  • No new job/Refuse any interviews 😛

Were you aware of these specific periods? I would like to hear how you react about this?

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  1. I am getting married in Nov 2013 and planning to leave with my wife sometime in Dec for US. Do you think Karmas applies to such travel?


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