Latest attraction in town : Swing

On the 1st September 2007, the Moonwalker landed in Ebene and then in Champs De Mars, giving Mauritians the opportunity to ride in a “manege”, an amazing experience for the first time in Mauritius. And 3 years later, Swing started its operations in the parking of Shoprite, Trianon, just besides the Vegas Motor Show.


For Rs80, I decided to give it a try alone since Dhaneesha preferred to hold the camera at a safe distance. It was not as exciting as the Moonwalker, but nevertheless, the 5-6 minutes ride was nice and affordable. Here’s video extracts I shot myself there today.

If you are heading towards Shoprite, do have a break there! Personal experiences are the most welcomed!

17 thoughts on “Latest attraction in town : Swing

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  1. i was at shoprite last night :D. had sooo much fun with this swing :D.
    if your mood is off. and you try this. your gna be fine ;D


  2. It was gr8…. mone bien kriyer… ti ena n dan champs de mars mo croire laner avan… li ti pli effrayant koz li ti dan hauteur…. mai sanla so sensation la n lot mem…


  3. Yashvin, can you please post additional photos showing the feet of the thing?? You’ll see that instead of proper anchorage, the whole structure rests on planks…
    Still wanna take a ride?


  4. @T0rped0: lol. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken any pics of that (“hidden”?) part of the swing.

    I took a few mins ride, and I think that it is not so exciting to go for another round, but I need to say that I really enjoyed my several rides on the moonwalker!


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