Mauritius in top 25 with “C’est un plaisir”

That’s great news!

A study of FutureBrand, in partnership with BBC World News, has ranked Mauritius in the 21st position overall and also, Mauritius has been proclaimed as the Top Country Brand For Tourism.

The FutureBrand 2010 Country Brand Index, produced in partnership with BBC World News, is our most comprehensive study of country brands to date. [More from the web site]

And now, we can proudly say “Mauritius, C’est un plaisir!”

*cough* *cough* Where are the critics?

23 thoughts on “Mauritius in top 25 with “C’est un plaisir”

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  1. LOL I’m proud too, UK is 9th !! Remains to be seen what will attract the tourist most in these difficult times. The flights and packages to Mauritius from Europe are very expensive. So there is a question of budget for most tourists. The trend might be that less Europeans can come this way. Then there could be a shift of tourists coming from the East instead. Branding and presentation is without doubt crucial to selling the destination.


  2. did it take into consideration that many tourist out here are being robbed, conned, and most of them suffer from voyeurism at the beach ? xD


  3. Its great that Mauritius is ranked so highly…but they should really do something about that government portal…its a real shame…


  4. +

    Well, it’s just the Govt. targets 4 millions tourists for next year…COOL…Foreign currency!!! BUT what we don’t realise is that hotels consume water/electricity 24/24 while we have to bear water cuts and electricity going out because of X or Y reason…

    Our beaches are being cut or closed to make place for more hotels..where are we to go!!!!????

    I mean ok it’s fine to have them help the economy but why are we the residents (legal and born here) don’t at least get some decent treatment.

    I fear the day Mauritians will be allocated some “reserve” to stay and we shall be treated as Zoo animals…pff!!!!


  5. 🙂 Its only a brand competition :p this doesn’t mean we are among the top 21 countries who receive the largest tourists population :p.

    🙂 secondly, from what i heard, that logo wasn’t even in the initial selection process of that logo competition :p. Have no clue how it managed to win in the end if it wasn’t even in the selected to begin with.

    🙂 thirdly, that logo isn’t mauritian made 🙂

    🙂 fourthly, having won probably is just a matter of mere coincidence :p.

    Its a Rs. 31 Million logo :p it better have made us atleast to the top 21, :p coz .. do you know how much maldive paid for its logo?


    1. @selven : Do share with us what you found on the net 🙂
      As I often say, feel free to talk and express your views. I like to give opportunities for others to express themselves


  6. Not to forget, futurebrand isn’t some impressive stuffs :p

    “Twitter Trend

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/futurebrand_dot_com_002/wp-content/commons/socialAggregator/Twitter/Twitter.class.php on line 24”

    🙂 this shows a huge lack of professionalism.

    A huge branding stuffs never have buggy websites like that 🙂

    I guess you’ve again been duped by what you read in the papers :p


  7. Ayo, tout dimoune inn bien donne kalott lor kalott ek crache lors ça branding-la. Alors, prend plaisir lire:

    Ena enn sel ki ti parett satisfait:
    Capave parski li, li pa conné ki ça vé-dire attann enn bis pou alle “en ville” enn Lundi gramatin, alle rode enn permis construction, mett laké pou faire enn demarche l’état civil, mett laké pou alle paye enn bill delo / la-limierr, sipplié missié-la pou gagne enn loan, amenn tout-sort kalité paperasse pou gagne enn ti-loan, mett laké pou tou ti kouyonad zaffer-ki-important-sinon-nargnié-pa-fouti-faire… Non, li pas en-tort…


  8. @Selven
    FutureBrand in partnership with BBC World News. That does add some credibility…

    That said, brand != logo + slogan (which I believe still sucks).
    That’s a tiny part of the whole branding process which mainly involves selling the destination.
    So this recognition by FutureBrand is a proof that Mauritius does know how to promote itself as a tourist hotspot, business hub & a 2nd home (IRS). Although, very few of us would know how they actually do it.


  9. It’s important to note that C’est un plaisir slogan is not all that there is to the campaign. To me, it’s bland…

    But there were big plans made along with the branding. That includes initiatives right from primary school to every citizen in Mauritius. Each industry has its own sub-slogan e.g. Made with Care – for manufacturing industry. Do government official understand that?

    Now the challenge remains that C’est un plaisir is in French, when there is an increasing number of tourists from South Africa now. Govt is also targetting India and China… wouldn’t that need a different slogan?


  10. Don’t forget that we have exceptional advertising and other creative companies in Mauritius! Circus (all KFC, LMLC ads), Maurice Publicité Ogilvy, Cread etc…


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