New speed cameras along the motorways?

At this moment, I am unsure about if this news is real or simply fake. It has been confirmed. The cameras are for real.

Since a few days, I have been getting several emails claiming that there are new speed camera(s) installed along the motorway at Pailles.

Some months back, people travelling frequently along the motorway in the region of Roche Bois have surely noticed that there were a few “cameras” installed there. No signs of any cables, even more surprising, the cameras appeared overnight. Later on, they were removed and I heard somewhere that they were fake. According to the authorities, the purpose of these installations : Discourage people from speeding.

Right now, no specific announcement have been made about these new cameras mentioned in this post. Are they another hoax or are they real this time?


Article updated on 27 Nov 2010 with new pics that I shot myself.

25 thoughts on “New speed cameras along the motorways?

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  1. The speeding cameras should be like this. 🙂

    I think, the result lose their accuracy when the camera moves a lil bit.

    Do you think, this one will move a even a lil bit?


  2. But what the speed limit in that region?
    Is it 60 km because the road is still under construction? There is no indication anywhere except long ago before the entry of Pailles.

    I am sure they have just installed it for the moment, connection has not been made yet since the road is still not in the final stage. Even the road marking is bad there, you can make accident!


  3. Si li ti fausse si pa ti ena aucun probleme. En fait, li pou ene lavantage pou gouvernment ki pa ti bizin depense casse. Sanla visib ek banne chauffeurs pou faire plis attention. Sel but. Ek aussi rammase impe casse are banne contravantions. 😛


    1. @Bernardo : Definitely not my car dear Bernard 🙂
      I got this picture from mail forwards, as I said in the post 😛
      No owner claimed rights for this picture yet…


  4. mone fini paye 2 contrevention. mo ena 1 3eme ki p atan la…
    2 premier la lor sivananda, floreal… 3eme la link road blue bay!!! bluebay la franchment, its bullshit!! speed limit 70!! mo nepli envi conduire. mo pa fer rally, mai sa bane speed limit la pa cpv rouler sa! VIVEMENt lE BUS apartir next year.. 🙂


  5. @Anonymous–> It’s not illegal though. 😀 . . From what I’ve heard the authorities are preparing a motion to make those radar detectors illegal.
    but then most probably they will be forced to make the road users aware of every single camera position.

    @Others–> At the start of pailles, there’s a sign. “Speed control Zone” in blue. Then you get the first speed cam a few 100 metres after the road which goes towards jag,convention centre on the left.(well, something like that)(From pailles to PL) and you get another 2 cameras a few 100 metres away(both direction) near FB ghoora.


  6. @ Tushal:
    Une correction s’impose: “At the start of pailles, there’s aN UGLY sign. “Speed control Zone” in blue.” 🙂
    Eski li reponn bann normes internationales ça signage-la? Mo pa cwar, hein… Zot ti bizin coumsa!! 🙂

    Mais boite-lamem ti bizin bien visible.

    Ek si mo ti capave azouter, pou vraiment disciple bann sofar Dodolandais, ti bizin instal bann camera-la boute-en-boute motorway ek bann la-ri principale (RDA A-class and B-class roads) sak 1,000m / ou 500m intervalle, coumsa, pena rébou!! 🙂 héhé!!

    Pas blier bann zenn, roule safe!


  7. moricien roule tro vite.
    ene tas p dire pas capave roule 60km/hr lor ca boute pailles ziska port louis.

    net alle faire en tour ene Singapore, Australie, England, etc.
    la bas camera partout et zot loto bien plus puissant ki nous ban moter 1300cc, 1500cc.


  8. mwa ce ki m’emmerde c’est ke tu roules trankilment a100 km/hr quand soundain il ya un panneau t’indiquant ke la vitesse autorisee est de 60 km/hr. si tous les chauffeurs reduisent leur vitesse aussi soudainement ca va causer des garaves accidents. il faudrait plus de distance entre les zones de limites de vitesse– comme en europe!(sic). et on veut devenir le Singapour de L’ocean indien. hahahaha


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