Here goes 1 more year, side by side

We finally reached the 1st November! At first, we thought abt having a long drive but Miss Dhaneesha had to attend work today. So, we split the celebrations into 2 parts : A satur-day at Caudan (Cinema, Lunch and some drinks) and a great dinner tonight, at C-delights, Quatre Bornes.

The sea food platter (above) was really delicious! yashvinblogs highly recommends the resto 😉
I will spare you all the details because she will be blogging on it probably tomorrow. So keep tuned!

Happy anniversary to both of us 😉

9 thoughts on “Here goes 1 more year, side by side

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  1. Congrats again to both love birds 🙂

    am so happy when people around are in love…

    yep C Delights has gr8 food!!! I’d strongly recommend the “Gratin fruit d mer”…


  2. ya one thing I won’t forget about this resto lol ….secret between us sa dou 😛

    but really, had a nice time together *without forgetting the small fights in between 😛 ”

    Happy anniversary again dou … love u


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