Orange [tv], is this a joke?

30hrs of MBC TV on your mobile for Rs50…

Who in the world Mauritius even thought about this idea? LOL

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  1. Waste of time, I doubt if it works properly. I have tried out the EMTEL TV on mobile and most of the time I cannot view due to “not enough bandwidth”. Apart from that who wants to watch TV on a mini screen? Definitely a non-starter.


  2. extra comik sa zafer la xD..en tou ka mo pa kroir ki orange pu fer profit ek sa..tou dimoun get ban chaine satelitaire,mbc la in tard sa..mem ban dimoun ki travail mbc mem pa geter sa


  3. @ Avi Rambo:
    “mem ban dimoun ki travail mbc mem pa geter sa ”
    Euna beuzeu la! Got caught laughing very loud at my screen… Epic dialog ha!


  4. @Vim’s and All:
    1. Good marketing or Bad marketing, no one gives a damn about it. You can read my article on Ugly Commercials.

    2. People pay Rs50 for 30Hrs. Would people watch so much MBC???
    Note: Saving Bandwidth.

    3. MBC is situated in Mauritius. No international internet connection is used to fetch the channels. Only local network are used.
    Note: In case the network becomes saturated, they will say: “Try again later. Our networks are busy”. They won’t really care giving a reliable service.

    Maybe i might make a plugin for it after my exams ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. I tend to think that Mauritius wants to be the number 1 everywhere even if we don’t give a damn about it. For instance, we are the first country in the world ( Or Africa, I don’t remember) with a channel for each community. What does that mean to be the first in the world for this ?

    It is like the americans going on the moon. No one went back after that. What is the use of going to the moon, if it is only to plant a flag there !!

    Ofcourse, we cannot compare going to the moon ( a big technological and scientific achievement) to redirecting free channels to Mauritius Terrestial Carriers !!

    Mauritius is also the first country in Africa to propose 3G network. That was 2 years back by emtel. But what is really the use. does anyone know people using videocall on their phone in Mauritius ? Only this year my uncle called us from his skype phone in UK. Who are those using that service ?

    Mauritius is probably the sole country in Africa proposing national TV on internet network for mobile users ! What is the percentage of users ? probably less than 0.000001%

    I honestly think that the main problem in Mauritius is that people in those big companies and government lack knowledge of Market Research. They should understand and research what is on demand, what is trend, what are going to explode in the months to come and then eventually propose it.

    But here in Mauritius, what they do is, Someone sees something new or gets an idea from their department friends and comes to the board with it. They say why don’t we propose this. There’s nothing much new these days. Just for the sake of proposing something new and making the headlines. They go for it. They don’t need any market research or anything. They are “advisors”. So, they are assumed to be knowing “everything”

    Anyways, to cut short to it. Orange Mauritius #EPIC FAIL #FAIL


  6. According to my survey stats, It is interesting to note that 79.8% of Mauritian mobile phone users never watch TV from their respective device.

    Wonder, how the market for mobile TV in Mauritius will evolve in 3 years…


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