Celebrating 4 years of blogging

Some data collected over the past 12 months :

  • 4000 new comments,
  • 170 new blog articles
  • about 90,000 visits and 140,000 page views

Did you know that a visitor like you spends an average of 50seconds on the blog (data collected for last 2 months). Thats really encouraging, keeping this blog alive since the very first day, 1st October 2006.

Please join me to wish my dear little blog a “Happy blogging anniversary”!

I hope that my passion will keep driving you here for a long time!

btw, my personal web site (www.yashvinawootar.com) blew the 8 candles some time ago. More blogging anniversaries : 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

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25 thoughts on “Celebrating 4 years of blogging

Add yours

  1. Congrats dear!!! My mentor to blogging…koi ke mo imper paresse ek hyper busy ek bb..mais will certainly be more serious next year :p

    Congrats again!!! Bzin call toi Yashvin Sir now! lol!


  2. HAHA Yashvin

    Happy birthday to your blog. :p
    Damn it. Now I’ve to share my birthday with your blog. . That’s not fair. Change your blog birth date. NOW. 😀


  3. 4 years already, enjoyed the various topics on this blog which gives a different angle to life in MUR land. It is a good insider for the resident expat to get a feel of the young professional general outlook on life and aspirations of this island. Interesting blog to keep a track of, congratulations.


  4. Hey Congrats Yash..Bisin Ene Party Sa..Nek Inform Nu Abt Date/Time/Location in adv..en attendant..i wanna say many thx 2 u 4 bringing 2 us al such gr8 articles..n kip up z gud work 🙂


  5. tien, mo blog osi fer 4ans! meme si mo pa blog sa kantitE la 😀

    sanse tonn fer rapel! 🙂 To p fer lamains mo tann dir 😀 ^^


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