And the Miss Mauritius 2010 is…

The winner is Laeticia DARCHE.

1ere dauphine : Joelle NAGAPEN

2eme dauphine : Gloriana JOSEPH (Rodrigues)

The final was held tonight at Movenpick Resort & Spa, Bel Ombre.

Frankly speaking, I am quite disappointed with the results because I did not expect Laeticia to be the Miss Mauritius 2010 since she did not leave a good impression while answering to The Question. She panicked a few times and made weird face signs making it obvious that she committed mistakes. This might surely put into question the whole organisation of the Miss Mauritius which is already highly criticized and controversial.

For those who missed the finals, the 5 finalists were

  • Gloriana JOSEPH
  • Vania RAMJAN
  • Joelle NAGAPEN
  • Laeticia DARCHE
  • Emily PHILIPS

More about the 14 participants here :

What do you think about the results? Your comments please 🙂

30 thoughts on “And the Miss Mauritius 2010 is…

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  1. Well she does have quite a fanbase supporting her and i don’t know how much the sms weighted but i think she was leading in the amount…


  2. @Ben: In fact, at the begining of the competition, I wanted to see her in the final 3 and why not, The Miss MRU but when I heard (and saw) her speaking, beurk!

    @Sun, @Dvil: Totally agree with you! Joelle spoke so naturally.


  3. laeticia won bkoz she is more popular than the others though she did not deserve. i did not watch the finals coz i knew the resutls would be biased


  4. Same as Avishna. Did not bother to waste my time watching that piece of . . . Holy moly.. show. .
    Oh pa trouve li jolie en tou cas. .Just my 2 cents worth of opinion.


  5. fink in done laeticia koz li sorti la france etc ek ki li dja p fer manquina.. im not bein racist guys mai possible in gete couler lapo!!!! zis apparence zot in geter c tou…its my opinion


  6. laeticia made so lots of mimics in her answer which was very baad but the answer itself waas quite okeey..but i was pretty sure she would win simply cos she has a very sympatic face,very smiling,nice catwalk,very beautiful though she looked too tanned yesterday and shes the perfect one who will be able to represent mauritius.the only thing sh’ll have to do now is to practice talking WITHOUT MAKING THOSE WEIRD FACES!!!besides joelle talked really really well but i dont think the judges saw her beautiful enough to be miss mauritius..too bad:-/


  7. wel all i can say is zat laeticia does nt deserve it.. she nids a communication class badly… on top of zat all the mimics she did wen she made mistakes.. evn pupils in std 1 know that girls are feminine.. so we say “elles”… lolz… bt she comes frm FRANCE.. so its all biased this pageant..


  8. laetitia ti merit place dn top 5 mais pas la gagnante…li bon ziss pou fer modelling, li pa cone coser em. m favori ti joel nagapen. li ena pliss grace et confiance li ti pou represent nou ile pli bien a miss universe ki laetitia…


  9. I feel like the winner ws already decided before the start of the competition.coz during the show,no one strike me as performing above the en passant cetai ,c kin get pou compress a.k.a intervention of miss sophie


  10. I did not.

    Who cares? Do you Yashvin?

    Si Navin la vey election, tret so membre de pitin ek li re elu. Abe what about her face expressions. She is our Miss Mauritius for 1 year mate :p


  11. @all,

    I am very glad that laetitia won, atleast with her we have a chance for the Miss Universe.

    Having said that, for the question part, It is true that the other girl replied much much better. But Miss competition is it about what they got in the heads or how their heads look like ?

    I prefer a sexy and beautiful one to represent us rather than an intelligent one but not the prettiest out of the lot. I mean, there’s a place for each thing and each person. This one was for the prettiest. And that’s it.


  12. mo zis envi dir ki mo truv laetitia imP jar dalysha… tou lE 2 resembler travesti sry mai c vrai xD

    btw Bhooks: its primrose who should getta life koz li pren tou nimport(nfin “nimport” la c 1 jar complimen sa pu ne pa dir d mo vulgair)ki ena pu vin miss mauritius…


  13. @ashfaq : DESCRIPTION OF A MISS, THE PERFECT WOMAN OF A COUNTRY WITH BEAUTY AND BRAIN!!! si li al dan miss universe ek li koz kumsa, b saaa mari la honte. try google it, and find out about these contests.. zot pa fr juste defiler laba ein… u need to prove that ur good at everything..


  14. xcuze mw mai pou sa ban dimune ki p tir laile la si zt trouV ki kumen dir ban miss la ici laba! b rod bad tifi ki pli belle ki pli intello ki kpv fr tou,zt encourage zt pou participer pki sa ban participante la zt pareil kumen tou dimune zt et pna bcp ki pou ena courage pou afiche zt en publik ek pou ganie critik r ban dimune kumen zt kumsa! ban miss la pa penser ki zt pna sentimen kan zt lire sa pki pou zt afiche zt zt ine bizin bcp courage sa et olieu zt critiker mw mo trouV ki zt ti bizin dne conseil! mo pa 1 fan miss mauritius mai mw mo trouv li kumsa….


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