Popular photo comments :P

What can be the most pleasing thing other than a nice compliment onto your photographs?

However, it can be quite challenging to praise a good shot without making use of the traditional words : “nice, wonderful, great, beautiful, belle, superbe, zoli, awesome, lovely, gorgeous, excellent, good work, artistic” and thousand other adjectives. As you may notice, you might very soon run out of original ways to express the feelings behind the shots.

Since a few days, I have been noting down some of the most widely used phrases across my Facebook pages and when you put everything altogether, it gives these interesting cloud tags :

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9 thoughts on “Popular photo comments :P

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  1. What about:
    “hey, ur pic’s r FTW!”
    “Dey kick ass awesomely”
    “Your photographs kicked my balls so hard that my testicles are dangling from my nostrils”
    How do they rate on your scale of originality…? 🙂


  2. Second Carrot’s comment above.. it’s hard to be a photo critic and while it’s not that hard to formulate a few sentences to describe how exactly a pic struck you, I tend to find that people go for the shortcut – — – admiration abbreviated in a way! In the end, it’s very much up to how much a picture moved you – to the extent of going and saying something. The *like* button has simplified things for many people, dispensing them from the need to comment.


  3. @ Yashvin:
    “third one needs some censorship”
    Dakor nett, à enn ti-condition: ki mot ki mo’nn servi ki enn zourer la-dans? 😀

    Ou faire moi rappel ki mo habitier dire enn ti-dialog ki okenn femel humain pas comprend:
    – ki maniere?
    – sa va, toi…
    – korek, kousi-kousa. Eh, guett li pe vini: To konn li?
    – weh, enn nouveau ha, Li appel UNTEL.
    – to konn li bien? Ki to capav dire lor li?
    – hmmm… mo konn so nom, ki department li travail, kot li rester, mais appart-sa, mo ena enn relation professionel, amical, non-affectif ek non-sexuel ar li.
    – eh, entt saki mo’nn dire toi ek to’nn dire moi, ki sanla inn zour kisanla la, ek ki mo’nn dire ki deplace la? Mo pe dire toi mo konn li visuellement et professionellement, mais pas lor niveau social ni affectif.
    – AYO, napa coumencer laa..
    – Kisanla inn montrer moi UNTEL? kisanla ki’nn coumence interrogatoire la??
    – Mo ena boukou travail la…
    Li aller. En tout cas, sirment li pas ti ena assez assez travail pou gagne letan vinn demann detail lor dimoun ki li pa conner… Hehe, chance li pa’ tann sa. Mari zoli la-guerre ti pou gagner la…
    Ayo sorry: the point was: kifer couma nek mett enn kiksoz ki ena affaire ar bann organe himain (sakitolé: sévé, fluide corporel, etc) dans enn dialog ou bien to donne precision enn tiginn plis ki niveau Maya Hanoomanjee (rappel: “I did not give any figures on AH1N1 previously because nobody asked”), dimoun (sirtou femel) agacé? Ki arrive, zot ena bann restrictions auditive ki zot envie impose lor lezott? Ou bien tou dimoune ki zot zwenn bizin faire enn evaluation psikolozik avant capave gagne privilez koz ar zott…? Eski zott in deza zwenn bann cas coumha? 🙂 ou bien moi ki pas pe capave décode bann normes de communication avec bann-la…?

    Pli mo penser, plis mo pe cwar mo pas ti bizin avoy sa comment-la, parski malgré ki mo enn feministe convaincu, mo pe senti ki pou ena impé zalimett pou rapé pou bril moi la… Ou-bien pou ena grand éclat de rire, ek zott tou pou dire “weh, mari sou li ti sou pou li ecrire sa…”


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