– Malware warning has been marked as a potential source of malware by Google.

As far as I know, the site was accessible (without the warning) yesterday at around 11am.

There might be various reasons behind this, the webmasters need to investigate. Google provides more details about this error on the site here. It seems that a trojan is behind all this mess.

I went through this phase a few months back when my personal web site had been marked as a potential source of malware.

I posted a thread in the Google Webmaster Central to get some help because I simply had to idea how to fix it. The error came from a “scriptaculous.js” script. The guys there are really great and helpful!

Good luck to and don’t hesitate to contact the guys in the forum!

Update on 12 September 2010

At 10am today, was back to the normal. No more malware warning!

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  1. Great job Yashvin…you really have the solutions to all problems!!!

    I still remember the day i panicked and SUPER YASHVIN was there to help!!! lol!!!



  2. Got that few days ago..when i refreshed the page it was ok.. aniway..i dnt visit orange was just to check the stock exchange.. 😛 Si facebook gne sa problem la big bezer.. 😛


  3. Si le site a été blacklisté et classé dans la liste des <>. Cela ne veut pas forcement dire que c’est le site elle meme qui possede un trojan et peut etre du aux sites affilié, publicité relié a lui.


    1. @Yanesh: Hi! Thanks for the comment.
      I would love to, but frankly speaking, I have never used adsense right now.
      My blog proudly runs without any adverts since NEARLY 4 years now 🙂
      However, I will try to see what I can do for you, but I dont promise anything.

      Keep tuned!


  4. That’s surely because Orange Ads contain malicious scripts which was detected as malware by google bot
    Adblockplus gets all these junk Ads away


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