Happy rakhee! Are you a genuine sibling?

Good morning all!

Happy raksha bandhan to every brothers and sisters reading this.

My sister and 2 cousins just tied my rakhee a few minutes ago after which we exchanged gifts.
Point to note : It is common practice for cousins to celebrate rakhee among themselves, especially if the latter do not have ‘brothers’.

Facebook siblings

However, this hindu festival brings a question to my mind…

Do these facebookers really tie all the holy thread to all their ‘siblings’?

In my opinion, this should not be a joke…

What do you think about this ‘practice’ on the web… And finally, which rakhee do you prefer? The traditional hand made “sutha” or the more fancy one on sale ?

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15 thoughts on “Happy rakhee! Are you a genuine sibling?

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  1. Facebook has now become a joke to everyone… Forget abt it buddy… It’s not really worth thinking abt it anymore… Social networks are just jokes to many people out there who don’t really understand true meaning of social networking 🙂


  2. Nice topic. Although rakhee is not something I am accustomed to, my wife ties the rakhee to her brother every year. I suppose that it has become more of a traditional gesture rather than a spiritual one. I believe it is something personal and in that respect doing this in a virtual world is not appropriate. Rakhee helps to remind people of the importance of respect for personal relationships.


  3. the sutha one is the best coz rakhi si symbolic nt a tradition.
    many people don’t really understand the real meaning of tying rakhi.


  4. 😀 .. sans attan, prof in attach rakhi ek mOii 😉 mo prefer 1ti rakhi em mOii 🙂 .. btw mo penA soeurr b couzine meme faire laffaire 🙂


  5. @Pramod: It’s the internet, it’s free for everyone to do what pleases them as long as they are not breaking any laws. Some things people do might seem like a joke to us, but ultimately it’s none of our business…unless, like I said, someone has Princess or SoulReaper in their facebook name.

    Online identity is nothing, unless you are a professional.


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