Ti Vegas – End of the game?

Ti Vegas is closing down tonight since its permit has been revoked(?) by the authorities. From what I managed to hear from the MBC news bulletin, the casino has 14 days to bring forward valid reasons for winning back the permit.

This fight has been on since long, especially during the last months. Most (if not all) inhabitants of this region of Quatres Bornes have been dreaming to see one of the biggest casinos of the island to cease its operations.

How do you feel about this? Will they have their permit back? Should the casino start working again? And above all, should casinos be allowed to operate in highly residential areas?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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15 thoughts on “Ti Vegas – End of the game?

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  1. only q.bornes la ki p close ? ou partout ? … personally mo croire bien bizin laisse zot .. enfin ziska mo gagne mo 18 ans 😀 .. p mari envi al fer 1ti letour dan “one of the biggest casinos of the island” 😛


  2. LOL good thing you did not bet on this because the decision was a certainty. There was a public petition to shut it down and numerous complaints by local area inhabitants. The main objection by the public was that it attracted all kinds of unwanted activity like prostitution and drug dealing/use. I believe that it is unlikely that they will reopen such is the anti feeling towards this establishment. It’s location is probably problematic and in general casinos should not be operating in residential or shopping areas. They may be able to relocate to a more suitable area.


  3. Enfin. Sa enn good news. Sa enn mari news. Depi lepok ki ti p atan sa. QBornes zame ti ena fam pitin lor sime. Depi ki Ti-Vegas inn rant lor baz inn kumans truv sa bann la. QBornes ti enn la ville ki a soir ti bon pou marse. Me depi sa bann dernier lane tou bann kalite figir ki la. Ek Sa inn fer ki bann habitant nepli ena mem liberter. Travay la pankor fini. Bizin make sure ki met tou pitin dehors


  4. Mo bien bien bien bien contan ki Ti-Vegas ine close .. atleast for the half month of ramadan ! hahahahaha lolz..
    Na, rien a voir ek ramadan .. mo p badiner ..

    Mo bien contan ki line fermer selman, mo kav explique sa pourtant. Ek mo trouver ki sa bane casino la, bizen ferme zotte tou 1 par 1 sa ! Ek bane maison d jeux osi bizen fermer. bizen ferme partout kotte dimune zouer cash. kumsa zotte cash rester ek cav ocup zotte zenfan.

    Apart sa mo pa troo cass latet.. selman mo bien contan line fermer. Ava donne bane lezotte casino 1 lesson.


  5. I was kindda astonished yesterday while listening to R+.
    The owner of Ti Vegas was shouting that it was a coup-monté because he is a foreigner. Total BS!

    So, in brief : He said that people acknowledged his work when he brought ‘leisure’ to Mauritius. Should we thank him for the drugs/prostitution and unsafe atmosphere in Quatres Bornes?


  6. Mo pose zot la question :
    Eski kan nou ferme 1 sel casino dans Maurice li resoudre nou probleme la drogue et prostitution?

    Malheureusement, ine apporte ene solution PANADOL ar souffrance lepep. Si nou tout guette le contexte kine ferme sa casino la, v dir zist quatrebornais ki dimoune dans Maurice, lezot endroits donc bizin cantonner ar la drogue et prostitution meme???
    Kan fine touye ene heureux veinard a la sortie ene Casino dans Vacoas, sa pas ti cause probleme ban Vacoasiens??

    Moi mo trouver ki Navin ine redore blason nou tres chere NITA apres episode micro meeting.

    God Save our beautiful island.


  7. An even more apt title would have been – Ti Vegas : Game Over !
    Or – since tout ine terminé lor ene note pas si zoli zoli que ca : Ti Vegas : Epic Fail ! 😛

    Good job !


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