[Guest post] Computer-Age Teens

2 new guest writers on yashvinblogs.com 🙂
Shuaib, form 4 student and Veekshay, form 2 student are really crazy and diehearts of video editing !
Despite being younger than most of us here, both have already a few videos with loads of special effects. Amazing, I feel so small since I never tried anything like that!
So, take out your camera, set up your home studio, today we gonna do some video editing 😉

The story

Have you ever heard of Avatar? Have you ever heard of Transformers? What about other Titanic or Jurassic Park? Well, of course you have. These are some of the most famous movies on our planet.

After watching Avatar, everyone was like: Hmmm. Effets Speciaux Chocs. But have you ever wondered how these were made? Nearly everyone says that these kinds of things are reserved to pros. They all think that realistic special effects require a lot of money to achieve.

Well my friends, let me tell you our story…

Mine started like 2 years ago when I stumbled over a Japanese anime series called Naruto with which I became addicted like after the 1st episode. Back then I was about 13 years old. It was then that my story began.

Addicted and immature as I was, I wanted to give the feeling that I was also one of them. So I started learning Photoshop and made some amateur pictures of me doing some sort of superpowers. One day I was surfing, goggling on how to improve my Rasengan( a Naruto superpower) when I came across a tutorial on YouTube by teun3sixty depicting how to make a video of a Rasengan using a program called Adobe After Effects. [Wikipedia]

Discovering Adobe After Effects

In other words, it is a video editing program which is used for many movies made till now. And I was like, Nisa nett!!! Bizin Sey sa! And that’s when I started learning After Effects. Of course before I managed to create a rasengan I had to start learning after effects from the start. I used VideoCopilot tutorials. They are actually excellent and have helped me a lot.

Well at first, some people were like: “Hey n00b net sa ta! Arete perdi to letemps
So I stopped making videos for a while but still kept improving the other effects I had already created.

Well let’s fast-forward to this year. By the way, I am currently in Form 4 and studying at College du Saint Esprit located in Quatres-Bornes. Near the end the second semester, my friend kind of forced me to set up a YouTube channel for my videos. So that’s when I’ve started “youtubing”. Frankly I was quite sad at the little amount of views I was getting. So that’s when I had decided to do something cool.

The home-made Green Screen Studio

I first asked my parents’ permission, and then transformed our TV room into a Green Screen Studio. Well using a green screen forms part of a technique called chroma keying.

Below are some pictures of how I installed everything in my TV room:

And below is a diagram that I made to demonstrate how it basically works:

Well together with the help of Veekshay and Rufaida(my cousin who is in Form 3 at Gaetan Raynal), I managed to make a more lengthy video. Actually the pictures from the diagram are from my video.

Do check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUaAcE5aVQk

So what now?

Amazed at what can be done for under Rs.3000(price of HD webcam + greenscreen) and 1 week of work? Of course my video is not perfect and there is still room for improvement, especially on the acting side (I know I look kind of like a zombie J). By the way the intro was designed by Veekshay and colorized by me.

More about the 13yrs old self-made producer…

Veekshay also studies at College du Saint-Esprit and is in Form 2. When he was young, he used to watch fiction films like X-men etc¦ He felt as if he was living in another world just by watching these movies. This had inspired him so much that he wanted to start his own fiction films.

Then one day, his luck shone. When he asked his cousin to lend him his Photoshop DVD, the latter gave her ADOBE MASTER COLLECTION. This DVD contained all adobe products and that is how Veekshay discovered After Effects. At first, the program seemed far too complex and he had some difficulties using it. But then he realized that effects could be added to videos with this software and thus began making his first clip. He made it all by himself and had really enjoyed it. This had become a passion for him and he began to make more and more videos and published them on YouTube and managed to get an increasing number of subscribers for his videos.

His increasing amount of subscribers encouraged him so much that he began to create some videos for fun. Well all of his videos can be found on his YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/psp1045).
Quoting Veekshay,
I am very young for those videos according to some friends but there are others like Shuaib (TheRippingGhost) who make videos with special effects too

There’s more than Facebook quizzes!

My point is that I want to show that Mauritians youngsters like me all have the potential to do more than participating to Facebook quizzes or stupid surveys… A few of the youngsters out there have ventured themselves into web designing, including the creation of flash web sites and animations. Good initiative!

However, they can do more exciting things and I believe this is a way which will contribute to convert Mauritius into a true Cyber Island. Because being a Cyber Island requires the population to be literate in all sectors of the IT industry.

By Shuaib Jewon (TRG) and Veekshay Ramsurrun ( MaGeek)

Their respective youtube channels : http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRippingGhost and http://www.youtube.com/psp1045

All they need is your encouragement! Good luck to both of them!

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27 thoughts on “[Guest post] Computer-Age Teens

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  1. nice to hear about some upcoming talents…hmm seryer sa program la mais moi mo kontan mo camera, saken so passion 😉


  2. Mari seryer Shuaib & Veekshay. Continuer inspirer et pas per experimenter , ene plaisir trouve zeness innover dans place suive ene culture ‘zombie’ cot li infester par pokes , likes et tags.



  3. Hey ban zen, moi osi la dans em..

    mo servi adobe premiere pro pu editing and AE pour animations!

    Mo p pense pou fer 1 site, pou banne amateur ek pro dans sa domaine la..

    Parski ena en tas mauricien ki la dans mais dimoune pas kone zot. koz tv national p fanne dal!

    By the way, eski zot ine guete Bonto clip?? So animation ine fer dans AE em ha!


  4. :O

    Nice..! I saw rasengan vs raikiri

    Nice rasen shiruken too! Kage bunshin was perfect 😛

    Trying aftereffects too these days.. will reveal some of my work when i dont consider myself as noob anymore XD


  5. Un kestion pertinant. I would like to know how&where these kids bought After Effects CS4. This thing costs around $800 if i’m not mistaken. 🙂

    Moisi mo kav buy lerla XD


  6. @Sun: lol. As far as I know, they haven’t bought it.
    I quote : “When he asked his cousin to lend him his Photoshop DVD, the latter gave her ADOBE MASTER COLLECTION.“.

    As I said before, yashvinblogs.com does not encourage the use of illegal software and is in no way responsible for the software used by readers/writers 🙂


  7. Well, I downloaded the trial from adobe official server and used a loophole in the program to keep it forever free ,,, but the loophole i guess may be considered as a crack,, so no sharing . If you want to acquire it, there are always torrents.


  8. chroma keying??? Woa.. This is sick! Especially when Mauritians are doing it! Soon they might be interested in getting a 16mm or 2K camera and they’ll shoot great movies for projection. And I’m serious. Just keep moving forward guys. But not too fast…

    There’s a reason why the upcomming Batman 3 movie would not be in 3D like Avatar. There’s a reason why Transformers 2 has not make a really big success. Yea, Transformers 2 was about some cool robot fight action but the story was pretty lame. So, if you want to get on the right track, you better not skip your english, french or literature classes…

    I’d be interested in seeing you guys doing a bullet time action (when Neo dodge the bullets in The Matrix movie).

    Btw, Youtube is fine for tutorials but i’d recommend Vimeo for some good examples of home-made short movies.


  9. @kamlesh : Bien sur mo d’accord ar toi …. Moi depi 1 ans et demi mo ladan …. B sa zafaire rasenshuriken la(4 triangles bleu), aster la li prend moi 10 min pu mo build li … parceki mne fini habitier ar program la ….. B pu bne beginners li pu pren letemps .. Franchement ine pren moi 2 hrs pu videoediting , pres 7 hrs rendering ek 5 zur filmer ( mo ene acteur mri bomb moi :P)


  10. Im also very happy that i received people are appreciating my vids haveing received more than 50 comments on it 🙂


  11. mo pa trouve rien d’extraordinaire la dan … pki zot nek p servi ene software pou fer sa .. ki mo sire en plus mem pas genuine.


  12. @Sash: Hmmmm wai B mne aussi fer bne effects la depi scratch sa man …. Pa template sa,,,,,, depi scratch sa ,,,,,, Pa tout dimunes ki n00b fr toa kner 😛


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