Willing to get yourself vaccinated against the flu?

While the authorities are making daily press conferences to announce measures taken to reduce  H1N1 flu and trying to deny/cover up real figures about the number of people infected in Mauritius, vast vaccination campaigns are being carried out in the island. Officially, only 2 persons have died from H1N1 for the current period…

Some months earlier, only the elderly and other persons at risk were given access to the vaccine in our hospitals. However, as a precautionary measure, the Ministry of Health has now decided to provide free vaccination to every Mauritian. Today for example, government officers of the Emanuel Anquetil Building of Port Louis were invited to get vaccinated on the 5th floor, occupied by the Ministry of Heath.

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My questions today :

Are YOU willing to get yourself vaccinated against the H1N1 flu?

Yes/No? Why?

20 thoughts on “Willing to get yourself vaccinated against the flu?

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  1. [Yashvin Awootar I forgot exactly. 1/2 or 1/4 of the population :P]

    So, the amount is LIMITED. It’s not right – they should immunise the elderly and kids. Hopefully, they are using placebos for the adults. It’s better to have a good amount of vaccine in stock in case things go wrong. The number of deaths hasn’t gone past 10. Vaccinating the whole population? Bad move!


  2. “I repeat : I dont know the number exactly ” >> So, there is a number. It cannot be the entire population, right? The amount of vaccine is LIMITED. I hope they don’t screw up when if they have to re-order. This process takes time.

    Can anybody ask around if placebos are being used?


  3. paye moi si mo pa pu pren sa free vaccin la… doctors of a renowed clinic in mem dir zt pa pu prescrire sa vaccin la pu ban zenfant coz ena side effects of that n its too risky since its not tested on children before.!!! alor dir Ministere garde so cuyonade pu li, cumendir p dir dimune mort pli vite sa


  4. Well since I got vaccinated am ill. I was in good health before i got vaccinated. I went to the dispensary and hospital and they told me its normal that i will get fever. Here i was dying with fever and they were telling its normal. Better not get vaccinated caused you might suffer as am suffering


  5. Non merci. Mo’nn fini vacciné naturellement, lakoz samem mo ti rate Bloggers’ Meeting.
    Mais saki pli bizarre, mo tann dire ki ena enn disclaimer ki bizin signer quand vacciner, according to which Ministry of Health takes no responsibility of any side-effects that may result from the administration of their vaccine. How far is this true?


  6. Pa impé tard pou ale fer vaccin la ? Mo p dire sa surtout parce ki dans le nord p deja commence fer chaud (apart sa 2 -3 zours la kot anti-cyclone p gate le temps un peu).

    Mais mo supporte c ki Pooja p dire, c’est ene vaccin ki encore “on test” et li bien possible ki ena bane contre indications lors certain dimunes couma fine arrive pauvre Reetesh.

    Mo prefere enkor ale fer ene vaccin normal contre la grippe virale ki ale fer vaccin contre la grippe A.


  7. It is all a question of personal choice and if you fall into a at risk category. I have personally stayed away from flu vaccines in general. The normal flu vaccine is usually given for known strains. It can happen that you still get flu even if you have had the vaccine because the flu bug changes over the years. The best form of immunity is by surviving the illness and your body creating the anti-bodies naturally. Of course, this is not the best solution for everyone especially those at risk of complications because of other health problems.

    The A-H1N1 flu is very different to normal flu, more aggressive and dangerous for those already weakened by other health problems. However, it would seem that the vaccine has been hastily made during the pandemic scare period and has not yet had time to be properly assessed for side-effects on humans. So for anyone to have it is still a gamble as to whether it will do the job without harming the person at a later stage. Personally, I still have doubts when reading various articles on the subject which means I will stay away from getting my body pumped with chemicals for now.

    read warnings on normal flu on this link

    Behind the Unproven H1N1 Flu Vaccine


  8. Hi. I have heard rumors that even doctors and nursing staff are all reluctant to do the vaccine. I also heard that if you get vaccinated this year and if are caught will illness of any related disease the next year, you’ve got to get vaccinated again. Your body immune system stops developing antibodies and then you are doomed to carry vaccine each year. This so called vaccine is still “on test”, and it better to let your body to develop it own antibodies and stay healthy applicable for healthy people only. Kids and elderly people should see a doctor prior.


  9. well, what I’ve heard, I don’t confirm may be it’s just a simple rumour, the stock of tamiflu in Mauritius is just a rejected one by France.

    Well, I’ll give an advice to all of you, practice sports regularly, we’ll not need all these drugs. After all, they do have their side effects. Unfortunately, though we are in 2010, the majority of the population do not consider the practice of sports as an important element in our daily life!!


  10. This Vaccine, it is not really free, is it? It did not come from their pockets. You actually paid for it.

    This vaccine has not been tested and is not proven to work. Furthermore, more people dies from normal flu than with the H1N1.

    I do not think Mauritians should mass inoculated. Who knows what the side effects are?

    I also think that people should be aware that some of the vaccines are being manufactured by a firm called BAXTER. They have been involved in a scandal during the outbreak of the Avian flu.

    They actually shipped live avian flu virus in vaccines which were meant to contain the cure. They never said how the virus ended up in the vaccine.


    After all, if more people get ill, more money they make…


  11. The side effects of the influence on the membrane cell after vaccination are not well studied yet. However, there are already a few papers on the correlation of the cancer and vaccination. You artificially kill your immune system by infecting your body through the antibodies which still have the virus. Do not forget that majority of the vaccines are done through the serum [molecular] antibody which is made from animals. What can you get “along” – you never know. I do not do vaccination and stopped doing it for my son.


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