Bloggers go hiking in Black River Gorges…

The bloggers’ event finally took place as planned… The day was great, slippy, muddy, fun and tiresome!
14 persons replied positively to the bloggers’ event invitation, of which 8 are bloggers.

All of us met at Shoprite where a van picked us and drove to Petrin, at the start of the hiking path. Shortly after our arrival, we had to take out our raining coats and umbrellas, for some. The views were simply gorgeous…

Halfway, we stopped at MachabΓ©e view point to have lunch while admiring the vast area in front of us… The same area which was the remaining part of the hiking journey.

Small funny incident :
A sweating guy coming from the other direction, asked Julien if this was the way towards “7 Cascades” lol.

We took roughly 4.5 hours to walk from Petrin to the other side, Black River Visitor’s Center.

At the end of the day, another blogger joined us. Indeed, Reena DKL accompanied by her cute little daughter and her husband, Michel were waiting for us in the park. After a little chat, she made the traditional bloggers’ event painting which you can see.

Many thanks to

  • Tushal – The one who claims he never fell down during his monthly visit to Gorges
  • Sun – The man who falls where no one falls lol
  • Girish – Fell 6 times
  • Carrot – Still anonymous in the pictures, locate him! I met him for the first time!
  • Varshaand Yogesh
  • Preetesh(and his 4 soldiers) – Very active team, always in front lol
  • Julienand Christine – Welcoming expat-blog to the bloggers’ team
  • Reena, Michel and Tasya – The banner is great, Reena!!! btw, that makes a total of 9 bloggers!

Finally, special thanks to Fadil(dormant blogger) for making the transport arrangements πŸ˜‰

That’s all folks!

~ The End ~

18 thoughts on “Bloggers go hiking in Black River Gorges…

Add yours

  1. @ Fadil!!!

    lol!!! wai ta!!! kuma dir film lost sister finally found in a bloiggers’ meeting!!! lol!!!

    Actually it’s Tasya’s 2nd bloggers’ meeting… πŸ™‚

    Eagerly awaiting the next one!!!

    Cheers all!

    Tasya says: “Waya..ta..wa…da..da” Guess it means she’s eager too πŸ™‚


  2. Kudos pour seki ine organise demars la , mo penser li aide creer ene lien de solidariter parmi bannes bloggers et capow avec le temps pou ena plis dimoune ki pou participer ensame.


  3. And am just glad I got the blogger’s falling record! lol
    Enjoyed the day very much and looking forward for the next one already, with lots of new and old bloggers.


  4. I was nice meeting you guys, Christine and I had a lot of fun !

    Thanks for the organization Yashvin πŸ™‚

    Lookin’ forward for the next meeting !!!


  5. MEGA lol!!!

    @ Yashvin: mo croire seki resi kone Carrot bzin gagne ene cado mem sa!

    @ Carrot: well done dear!!! u still are a real mystery πŸ™‚


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