Petition to stop Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

The Mauritian population is watching one of the worst tv serials ever, filled with marriages, divorces, cheap relationships and ongoing betrayals among the family members themselves. My blogger friend Bhoot has recently written a nice article here. As far as I know, this serial is being broadcasted on the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation TV since at least year 1999.

Recently, the MBC has rescheduled the broadcast of the hindustani serials and consequently, “tulsi” is on our tv screens only 3 days per week, but 2 episodes on Tuesdays… At the end of the day, the result is the same. And the worst thing is that, MBC is now broadcasting the “Mahabharat” serial, already shown on TV years ago.

I seize this opportunity to recommend “Sarabhai vs Sarabhai“, on air every Thursdays at 19hrs.

Please spread the word

Finally, someone has got the guts put an end to this (at least, try to). He contacted me to share this petition link in order to collect the maximum of signatures. In addition to the petition, we also created a facebook page which we hope will grow very fast.

12 thoughts on “Petition to stop Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

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  1. Hehe..wen mum was shuffling thru al z channels trying 2 watch tv..i was kinda intrigued…bt wen i saw dat mahabharata was playing instead of tulsi..i was like..*oof..finally*..n next day… was tulsi again..duhhh :-/ i very much agree..that this soap is full of crap..n its telecast shud b stopped 😀

    Sarabhai i wudnt mind it playing more than once a week 😀


  2. I call the series “Tulsi” for short but it always seems to be going around in circles on the same themes. The writers must have no ideas because the same characters always come back or they just change actors. The theme is static on every worse example and scenario of family life. It is a depressing series, no joy but lots of scandal and hatred! Apart from that the MBC just keep recycling the same series or films by repeating and bouncing them from channel to channel. The only compensation is NCIS.


  3. Sarabhai is more real than any of the stupid serials on..except for the Mahabharat one which though is old, still has got something worth to watch..

    Actually am kind of happy with Mahabharat for instead of reading the Bhagavat Geeta i’ll just re-watch the!!!

    But KSBKBT is total BS!!! pfff!!! you can’t marry that much and divorce twice or thrice!!! almost everyone in that serial got married AT LEAST TWICE!!! what an example..and Tulsi needs to be beaten ‘coup savatte leponge’ for she talks so much crap!!!

    Pfff!!!! fer dimoune vine couyon sa bane series tv la!!!

    Title should be:

    Kyonki Sab Bhi Kouyon Ban Jayegein!!!
    (Bcoz everyone will become ‘Couyon’) sorry for the language!!!!


  4. Hi……

    Tou d’accord avec toi…

    Serie Tulsi is so bullshit-no moral at all and whats even more irritating, many people are ADDICTED to it. Beware: men included. I mean this serie should have been banned since long.

    I really prefer to watch something joyful, comedy-like in the evening to relax and just see something good which is being telecast.

    And Mahabharat is much more interesting to watch…au moins we (me included) will get something nice to ponder upon and not how I can spread violence, marriage, divorce, lust, greed, around this country…

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with ban serie couyon!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi ended in the UK about two years ago.
    As far as I know the show lost a lot of viewers in India and the UK and got cancelled. My mum was gutted but I was glad it was over.
    Maybe the end is near in Mauritius too.


  6. Hi! We all agree that this shit TULSI must not be broadcasted on the MBC!! First, it’s public fund which is being misused, and secondly we are wasting our time watching this stupidity.. We must do something to stop it, and we have already started it! Yes friend!

    We started a petition to BAN KSBKBT on MBC TV.. Please sign the petition, we must have our voice heard.. please find some time to sign this petition, your 30sec might really help us in fighting against this tulsi maya!!lol


    Your one signature counts lots for us…………..

    Please spread the link.. 😉

    Special thanks to yashvin for supporting us in this cause..thnx buddy! 🙂


  7. Hi.. lol.. nice petition..

    To be brief.. i agree with everyone who posted there comments above me..

    Mahabharat is nice, it gives me the opportunity to know about hinduism a bit.. such serials where each and everyone learns about others history and religion is much more important than “bakwass” serials.. 😛

    Specially at that time of the day, some comedies is more than welcome to relax our all day tired and working minds..

    I was in form2 (Now already finished uni) since tulsi made her Special Appearance..
    Hope it do not go till i got retired.. lol..


  8. @ Imteaz:

    No worry, Kyunki Saas etc.. will end!!! A total of 1830 episodes!!!! phew!!!! lol!!!

    But thank God it will end…but here in Mauritius we still have a long way to go… 😦

    in india it lasted: July 3, 2000 – November 6, 2008

    so do the calculation….


  9. hey i think its a gud thing wat u’ve written here// tulsi is really like the most boring n stupid thng ever.. n believe me it gets worse.. this thing has lasted for more than a decade n its ending is as confusing as the whole serial itself.. here, we gt a relief when it was over(i thnk 2yrs ago).
    i lyk sarabhai vs sarabhai..or even other small serials..MBC needs to put some variety in whatever it offers to the public..
    gud going wid this 🙂 n gudluck wid ur petition 🙂


  10. I Agree that the Tulsi serials are MEGA CRAP, and the petition idea is GREAT…But i do not agree with this-

    “And the worst thing is that, MBC is now broadcasting the “Mahabharat” serial, already shown on TV years ago.”

    MBC has done the right thing after such a long time to broadcast religion based series…Years ago there were Ramayana, Maa Shakti etc etc..And then it stopped and we were witnesses of some ridiculous series..I don’t think anyone should have a problem with Mahabharata….In a society which is falling apart and getting continuously worst and degraded, Mahabharata is a great watch to reinstate if not eradicate lost moral values…Nowadays,people don’t even know and read the sacred scripture Bhagavata Gita(Who does so,I guess you, Mr Yashvin but go and ask our youngsters of now if they even know what the Bhagavad Gita is;-)…So why is the broadcast of Mahabharata a “worst thing”?!!!!

    If this program had been broadcasted years ago, so we all must be knowing it by heart??..Who knows it?? I guess no one…But who doesnt know the stories of Tulsi and the episodes of Sarabhai?!..We all can still remember the instances but I bet no one remembers the instances in the Mahabharata serials which may have been broadcasted years ago…Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana(on Sundays)are some of the great initiatives taken by the MBC and I salute them for this….

    BAN the TULSI CRAP for sure but now don’t whine or protest to bring down the Mahabharata series please…:)


  11. Agree with u on stopping tulsi..but nothing can be said against Mahabharat…coz there are loads of lesson to be taken from it.. Many of us i think many youngsters don’t know Mahabarath…n would love to watch it…


  12. Heheh..
    “L’opium du peuple”, tu connais ce concept? Endormir les esprits: les passioner par les choses futiles et non-conséquentielles, c’est le seul moyen d’endormir les esprits et les empêcher de nous empêcher de tourner en rond… Bann autorité bien conner ki bizin faire pou empêche nou developpe nous l’esprit critique: donne plein illusions avec bann séries importées mais empêche ou comprend ou prop pays. La rélité locale est bien trop crue, il ne faut pas choquer les sensibilités, celà les reveillerait… Pas de documentaires locaux, que ceux du dehors, parceque dehors c’est non-vérifiable, mais chez nous: censure!!!
    Tous ça bann télénovelas-la c’est même objectif. Pareil pour Chhoti Bahu, La Nouvelle Star, Star Ac’, Voisin-Voisine, Marimar etc…


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