Prison Break : Kudos to the police force!

Only one (1) of the thirty four (34) of the prisoners is still in the wild at this moment. Members of the police has captured the Steve Monvoisin, the one who is believed to be the “Michael Scofield” of the local version of “Prison Break” which was shot on the 27th June 2010.

While some of the prisoners surrendered themselves, the others were captured by the local forces… Things to remember :

  • Prisoners escaped from the GRNW prison a few days after the announcement made by the PM in the national assembly about the high level of security in our prisons.
  • A few prisoners called private radios to reveal their reasons why they decided (or were forced to) to do this act. They also used private radios as a medium to communicate with the police, asking for security and fair treatment after their surrender.

It is now clear. The job is being done correctly by all (or mostly) and hopefully it won’t take too long to capture the last one. There are times when we need to encourage the police by showing that we are proud of them.

So, this post goes to these persons who deserve to be congratulated for the work accomplished. Keep it up!

Bon weekend!

9 thoughts on “Prison Break : Kudos to the police force!

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  1. fran fran tout.. tiabon ban garde la fuo zot ene bon baiser dan prison. fran mari toupet sa.. zot sauV, zot bate garde apres demane fair treatment.


  2. moi mo dakor ki zt ine fr ene bon travay..sans guet la journE ou asoir. sum of my acquaintances r in z police force..n they hv been running after those prisoners thru forest n z likes at nite without even bothering abt being injured in z process.. Kudos Yaaaa


  3. What about those in the Line Barracks? They are pretending to work and protect us by harassing film-makers (J Peerally and A Lazer) on spurious grounds…


  4. Update
    The last prisoner has been captured yesterday. He was hiding in Terre Rouge, on the construction site of the new chinese industrial zone.

    Congrats to the police for the great work ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Prisonners, you have been PWNED!


  5. agree with you Yashvin. Glad that the feeling of being in security is back.
    Hats off to all those police officers who have been on alert these past days.


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