New flickr photo page coming up!

After uploading a pic a few minutes ago onto my flickr page, the following appeared :

New page layout

Flickr has worked out a new photo page which is much more nicer. Here’s how the new layout looks like :

Current page layout

And the same picture :

As you noticed, some big changes : The picture is now larger, use of lightbox to display picture when pressing keyboard shortcut “f”. For more details about all changes, go here. (Launched yesterday)

I chose to switch to the new design immediately. You can browse my flickr for viewing some of the best shots I take and for the regular picture uploads, you can always keep tuned to my wordpress customized photoblog at

Have a nice weekend everyone 😉

8 thoughts on “New flickr photo page coming up!

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  1. Yeah I noticed it today. Unfortunately I cannot comment on photos in the preview mode. Dont know if you tried to comment with the preview layout.


  2. E.g. of a typical Zooomr Front Page –

    Ena market place lor Flickr? Kot to vende to fotos?
    Astere la mo p trouve geotagging lor Flickr mais li paret touzour comment beta.

    Et ena limitations lor size pou pro and normal members for Flickr.
    Lor Zooomr – tous members gagne unlimited bandwidth et space pou garde fotos. Sa ki pas pro gagne non-intrusive ads.

    Et astere la Zooomr ena Zest ki vraiment top. Li ene social network en li mem et li extend lor Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    Flickr = FOR N00b5!!!


    1. @Fadil : Yeah, mone check Zooomr la, pas mal mais mo pas la pu defan Flickr 😛
      I think Flickr is more “accepted” among people, especially Mauritians, despite the limitations of a free account.
      Perhaps it’s time to spread the word Fadil. What you think?


  3. Kan Zooomr et Zest re-open pou public register, lerla kapave fer campagne. Mo point above c que Flickr en retard et so banne feature vraiment pas impressive.


  4. I have been using Flickr Pro since 3 years now..

    The new page design is great!

    However , keen on trying new Photo/ Video service , as better or much better than Flickr

    Will give Zooomr a try….


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