Please, don’t stop the music!

I am right now in front of my tv set, watching a live broadcast on MBC1 for the celebration of Music Day…¬†Hats off to the members of the team who made this broadcast possible in which the staff from the national television are themselves singing live.¬†(Small note : MBC seriously needs to improve their sets-designs)

As said by an artist minutes ago, Music Day should be declared as a public holiday or perhaps why not a day different from others where we really celebrate music in our workspace for instance.

We don’t really realise the importance of music in our life since it is now part of our daily routine whether you feel stressed, unhappy, in love, depressed or joyful. Sometimes words might not be enough to describe our mood, yet music does…

Can you imagine living in a world without music? So, let’s all celebrate this great day and pay tribute to all those artists who brighten and bring so much to our world.

4 thoughts on “Please, don’t stop the music!

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  1. In France the specificity is that you can make as much noise as you like without any limit on this day. I don’t think that this might apply to Mauritius but one thing I missed when I was a kid was that it always seemed that playing an instrument was not accessible to all.

    Music day might be that specific day where everybody can try out some instruments and see if they have a real urge to start playing an instrument.


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