Meeting Remerciement, Parti Malin (Part 1)

As most of you have probably been reading since early today, I have been at the “Meeting Remerciement” of Parti Malin, from 10hrs to 11hrs at Bazaar Curepipe.

I left home for Curepipe quite early, but it was worth… I have successfully recorded the whole meeting with my D5000, quality 720HD + 18-55mm lens + tripod. The built in microphone gave quite satisfactory result. 5.5 GB of recording! For this first part of approximately 10mins, I covered about 50% of the overall content.

I can say that there was roughly 100 persons or more assisting the meeting + all those who were passing by and stopping occasionally. IMHO, he talked mostly about serious things and I tried to make a small resumé in this part 1 ( which took me 3 hours of editing + 2hours trying to get a video of reasonable size to upload + about 1 hour for uploading!).

Youtube link :

Up to you to hear and see it, again an exclusivity of For those who missed his meeting during the political campaign, go here and don’t forget to join the facebook group, over 6000 members!

Part 2 will follow in the next days…

Keep tuned to your favorite blog and don’t forget, please comment and share!

21 thoughts on “Meeting Remerciement, Parti Malin (Part 1)

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  1. Interesting.

    BTW, the Flip is better than your gear considering the quality and the huge amount of data (5.5 GB!!!) you got from filming for less than an hour.


  2. we want more We want more We want more we want more We want more We want more we want more We want more We want more we want more We want more We want more…………………………………


  3. The leader of Parti Malin is more than just entertaining : his role in our democracy is healthier than that of the different Parti Roder Bout hovering around the two main parties . And ,come to think of it , why can’t we find prawn ,if not lobster on the menu at Sanjay Snack !

    Sa fos ronpwin divan la post la bizin tir gazon met pavaz .

    Mo vann n’ide la ar Parti Malin pou Rs0.


  4. Cool! It just put a smile on my face or rather had a good laughter! This guy is hilarious!! Thx for going through the painstaking process of editing and uploading!! (On behalf of everyone @ home!) 🙂


    1. @bhoot : yeah, in fact, he was the one who invited me to film his meeting 😛
      He just called me 2 hours ago haha. Will post what he asked me tomorrow morning 😉


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